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100 things about me.

  1. My name is Noelle, and I wasn’t named after, or born on Christmas.
  2. My name originated because my parents couldn’t agree, so they put two middle names together.
  3. I was born blind, and have been that way since birth.
  4. Although I really like computers, and we get along fairly well most of the time, I would never consider having a chip, (or anything for that matter,) implanted into me to give me vision.
  5. I’m not a cat person, if I have to have a pet, it would be a dog.
  6. I’m not a prefectionist.
  7. Some people say I’m disorganized, yet I like being on time, and haven’t (yet) ever missed a deadline.
  8. I quit coffee in 2007, I now drink tea.
  9. I love chocolate, preferably dark.
  10. I don’t like the taste of alcohol, especially beer.
  11. When I was a child, and to this day, I wished I could fly!
  12. In 1999, I attended space camp, it was fun! I wanted to go back a few years later, , but it was too late.
  13. I went bungee jumping on 9/6/2008, it was so much fun!
  14. I would like to try both paragliding and hang gliding.
  15. I would also like to try surfing and scuba diving once, just for the experience.
  16. For three years, from my freshman to junior year of high school, I took ballet lessons.
  17. One of my life-long dreams is to fly in space!
  18. I get headaches often.
  19. I often say, (and I believe,) that one of my missions in life is to prove people wrong.
  20. I’m very indecisive!
  21. I once met a state senator, and was invited to sit on the floor with him, but I was way too nervous to follow up!
  22. I like to watch CNN .
  23. >

  24. When I turned 16, dad took me out driving!
  25. I consider myself to be a good planner, and I thrive on eventfullness.
  26. I love making lists!
  27. I’m not a big fan of those handicap parking permits; in fact, I’m not a big fan of the word “handicapped!”
  28. I multitask fairly well, no matter what anyone says about multitasking.
  29. I like strong flavored foods.
  30. My favorite time of year is late fall, early winter.
  31. I’ve been on TV/in the local newspaper a few times.
  32. I think I’m too nice sometimes. This has gotten me into some bad situations.
  33. When people ask me to help them with something, that they think I’m good at, I’m always afraid I’ll steer them wrong.
  34. I enjoy baking.
  35. I like to watch reality TV shows.
  36. I’m not a big fan of stereotypes.
  37. I like the big city, but I live in a small town!
  38. I would love to go to the Olympics, either winter or summer.
  39. I cooked the food for my high school graduation party. I actually wanted to plan the whole party, but mom wouldn’t let me, so I said let me at least plan the menu, and cook the food!
  40. I’ve been to Hawaii twice, the last time we went, I went parasailing.
  41. I’m a sucker for online memes/quizzes.
  42. I consider myself to be a fairly flexible person.
  43. I’m a life-long learner, I love learning new things!
  44. I’m fairly good with words.
  45. A lot of people wouldn’t like this, but I think serving jurry duty would be fun and interesting!
  46. I work well under pressure, I learn well that way too.
  47. I’ve been sky diving twice.
  48. I love RSS!
  49. I usually like to get a new computer every 3 years, (it could be worse.)
  50. I often get writer’s block.
  51. I go to church at least once a week, if not twice.
  52. I play Muds, (text based adventure games.)
  53. Although I love the internet and trying out new sites, I tend to be a little late to the party, (so I call myself a late early adopter.)
  54. I’m a windows person!
  55. However, if someone would take the time to sit down with me, and set me up with linux, I would definitely be willing to try it!
  56. I have a favorite airline, it’s Delta.
  57. I also have a least favorite airline, that would be United.
  58. I can’t stand meetings! It’s OK if they’re business/staff type meetings, but I’ve had meetings about me, and I don’t like those!
  59. I like to sing, that doesn’t necissarily mean I sing well.
  60. Christmas is my favorite holiday, I love shopping, decorating, and baking!
  61. I actually wrote my own eulogy, (in hopes that it will make it easier on the person delivering it.)
  62. Although I consider myself to be fairly good with computers, don’t ever let me touch the back of my tower! If I do touch the back, 99.9% of the time something will come unplugged.
  63. For that matter, you probably shouldn’t let me put my hands on any hardware whatsoever, I have a tendancy to break things.
  64. I use to watch lots of TV, but because of the internet, I don’t watch nearly as much as I use to.
  65. I didn’t get on the internet until the summer of 2000.
  66. Although I didn’t use to be, I consider myself pretty open-minded, (I’m pretty much always up for trying new things.)
  67. That being said, I consider myself just a tad left of center.
  68. Sometimes I ask way too many questions, this has gotten me in trouble before, (especially with technicians.)
  69. I was baptised on 4/8/07, this happened to be Easter Sunday.
  70. I would love to go to the macy’s Thanksgiving day parade.
  71. I would also like to be in times square when the ball drops on new years eve.
  72. I’m not a big fan of heat, (this is why summer isn’t my favorite season.)
  73. I don’t usually like to have breakfast for dinner, (I don’t usually like mixxing meals like that unless it’s a special ocasion.)
  74. When it comes to Christmas songs, I like the correct versions of them, (I don’t usually tend to like remixes.)
  75. I often said I wanted to be a wedding planner, but dealing with stressed out brides on their wedding day wouldn’t be all that fun.
  76. I like spicy foods.
  77. Although I consider myself to be a good planner, I’m not a leader, I’ll gladly make plans, but I’m not one to give too many orders.
  78. I’m good at following instructions.
  79. I absolutely suck at math!
  80. I love following politix, that doesn’t mean I would ever run for anything.
  81. If I ever did run for anything, I would be super afraid of winning!
  82. When people ask me what my favorite color is, (even though I tend to not care,) I always say blue, like the sky.
  83. I dream in words, this is one of the most common questions I’m asked.
  84. But I rarely dream, and if I do, I very rarely remember what I drempt about.
  85. I like collecting quotes and sayings.
  86. I use to be an email newsletter subscription addict, not so much anymore, although I’ll have a phase once in a while.
  87. I would like to learn to fly a plane.
  88. I’ve flown a plane before, (with someone else in there, of course.)
  89. I’m a fairly happy person.
  90. I’m a peaceful person, I usually try to avoid conflict.
  91. I would like to own a car, even though I wouldn’t be able to drive it. I always imagine sitting in the passenger seat, surfing the web and talking on the phone, while someone else drives!
  92. I tend to do things differently, if there’s a conventional way, I’ll usually find a new one.
  93. My online life tends to go in phases, for a couple weeks, I might be completely adicted to one site or another, then after a while, that gets boring, and I move on to something else.
  94. I like blogging, but I can never remember to update enough to keep my blog going.
  95. I’ve learned that a good internet connection is almost always worth it, regardless of what anyone else says.
  96. I hate taking tests.
  97. I also hate having assessments done, where the person who’s evaluating you is sitting over your shoulder, I get really, really nervous and forget how to do things.
  98. I would like to take a trapeze lesson, just for the experience of it..
  99. I’m supposed to go skydiving again, sometime in July 2009.
  100. When I was little, I didn’t like ice cream, now I do!
  101. On my recent vacation, (May 2009,) I went ziplining, it was a lot of fun!

Wasting time with bzoink surveys

Here’s one I made back in 2005

Weird favorites!

food:: Chinese, chocolate, candy, anything spicy, cheese

drink:: Pepsi

song:: Born to fly

type of music:: Country, Christian


sport:: Skydiving!

word:: bailywick

number:: 43

quote:: “Just because you can’t see the stars, doesn’t mean you can’t reach for them.”

season:: Fall/winter

time of day:: Morning

time of year: Christmas, blogathon time

airline:: Delta!

kind of pet:: Dog

instant messaging program:: Windos live messenger.

Thing you got for Christmas/birthday:: I got a skydive one year for my birthday, best gift ever!

thing you’ve ever done:: Bungee jumped, it was so much fun!

cell phone company:: Definitely sprint!

Brand of computer:: Dell

TV show:: 48 hours

TV channel:: CNN

place you visited:: NYC

grocery store:: Shirms thunderbird

restaurant:: Olive garden!

carnival ride:: The zippper woohoo!

feeling:: The feeling you get after skydiving or bungee jumping!

smell:: The smell of cookies baking.

kind of survey:: Any kind, I love surveys!

pet you’ve had:: Babie, my sister’s dog.

kind of weather:: Snowy weather.

dream you’ve had:: Lol, on our last night of vacation, I drempt I got arrested, that’s my favorite one so far!

holiday:: Christmas!

meal your mom/grandma made:: Mom’s tortalini soup.

kind of shoes, (not brand, but style.):: Tenis shoes

blogging service:: blogger I hate wordpress!

thing to do on the weekend:: On an ordinary weekend, surf the web. On an adventurous weekend? skydive, or bungee jump, or zipline, or do something I’ve never done before.

type of movie:: drama

car:: one that goes fast.

fast food place:: mcDonalds

world leader/philosopher:: Right now, President Barack Obama.

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It’s time to say goodbye to my desktop.

Well, with some certainty, I can say that I’ll be getting rid of my desktop system soon. I had a guy come over on Tuesday, (former special forces, jumped out of airplanes for 20 years,) and look at it. But he said he had to take it back to his house, when he brought it back Wednesday, hooked it up and tried to boot it, it wouldn’t come up on the screen. When he plugged the screen into my laptop, he said it was working fine. So, he went back to his house, to get a different (newer) graphics card. He put it in, and it still didn’t work. So, other than taking it to staples and paying lots of money for them to look at it, or taking it to work and leaving it there for a while, (which I might end up doing anyway,) I think it will probably stay here until I get a new one. But after I get a new computer? it’s disassembly time!

Why I switched from wordpress to blogger.

I reinstalled wordpress for the last time this month, with the intent of using it for the blogathon, but what I didn’t realize is that I don’t like wordpress 2.8, (I didn’t find that out until later.) I also needed something that, well, to be honest, I can’t really break, ya know, sometimes doing the littlest thing can make wordpress not very happy. If at 3:30 A.M, I decided to go into my server and do something, and wordpress went down, well, ya know, I wouldn’t be very happy. Now, don’t get me wrong, wordpress hasn’t failed me when it comes to blogathon, it’s usually afterwards when the failure happens. I’ve done blogathon twice, after 2007, I lost comment notifications. And in 2006? well, I was just hoping and praying my parent’s flakey wireless internet wouldn’t go down, and thank God it didn’t! Last year, I reinstalled wordpress like 10 or 12 times, and this year? this is either my 1st or 2nd time, I can’t remember. I do plan to keep my hosting account, and after blogathon, make a lifestream/landing page, with feeds from everywhere, (including this blog.) But for now, it’s set up to redirect here, if it doesn’t do that, well, then I’ll have to talk to my host about that one, (they set up the CNAME record for me.)

My air conditioner is in and working.

Last year, we had somewhat of a situation with the air conditioner I had. It was a window one, and dad accidently lost the drainage plug. Needless to say, water was dripping down the side of the building. My landlord decided to try and fix it, by putting ipoxy in it. The ipoxy plugged it up, and it started acting up. So, this year, I got a portable one, (the exhaust goes out the window, but nothing else.) I bought it today, I paid a lot for it, but I think it was worth it, (I hope it was, anyway!) My dad and I brought it home, and he put it together, but didn’t put it in, because #1 we couldn’t decide on where to put it, and #2 he couldn’t figure out the drainage issue. So, my landlord came over tonight, and we got it all fixed! The drainage issue is solved, (the way you might fix a leak, with a pan under the hose, just as the instructions say.)