Why I switched from wordpress to blogger.

I reinstalled wordpress for the last time this month, with the intent of using it for the blogathon, but what I didn’t realize is that I don’t like wordpress 2.8, (I didn’t find that out until later.) I also needed something that, well, to be honest, I can’t really break, ya know, sometimes doing the littlest thing can make wordpress not very happy. If at 3:30 A.M, I decided to go into my server and do something, and wordpress went down, well, ya know, I wouldn’t be very happy. Now, don’t get me wrong, wordpress hasn’t failed me when it comes to blogathon, it’s usually afterwards when the failure happens. I’ve done blogathon twice, after 2007, I lost comment notifications. And in 2006? well, I was just hoping and praying my parent’s flakey wireless internet wouldn’t go down, and thank God it didn’t! Last year, I reinstalled wordpress like 10 or 12 times, and this year? this is either my 1st or 2nd time, I can’t remember. I do plan to keep my hosting account, and after blogathon, make a lifestream/landing page, with feeds from everywhere, (including this blog.) But for now, it’s set up to redirect here, if it doesn’t do that, well, then I’ll have to talk to my host about that one, (they set up the CNAME record for me.)

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