Wasting time with bzoink surveys

Here’s one I made back in 2005

Weird favorites!

food:: Chinese, chocolate, candy, anything spicy, cheese

drink:: Pepsi

song:: Born to fly

type of music:: Country, Christian

website:: http://twitter.com

sport:: Skydiving!

word:: bailywick

number:: 43

quote:: “Just because you can’t see the stars, doesn’t mean you can’t reach for them.”

season:: Fall/winter

time of day:: Morning

time of year: Christmas, blogathon time

airline:: Delta!

kind of pet:: Dog

instant messaging program:: Windos live messenger.

Thing you got for Christmas/birthday:: I got a skydive one year for my birthday, best gift ever!

thing you’ve ever done:: Bungee jumped, it was so much fun!

cell phone company:: Definitely sprint!

Brand of computer:: Dell

TV show:: 48 hours

TV channel:: CNN

place you visited:: NYC

grocery store:: Shirms thunderbird

restaurant:: Olive garden!

carnival ride:: The zippper woohoo!

feeling:: The feeling you get after skydiving or bungee jumping!

smell:: The smell of cookies baking.

kind of survey:: Any kind, I love surveys!

pet you’ve had:: Babie, my sister’s dog.

kind of weather:: Snowy weather.

dream you’ve had:: Lol, on our last night of vacation, I drempt I got arrested, that’s my favorite one so far!

holiday:: Christmas!

meal your mom/grandma made:: Mom’s tortalini soup.

kind of shoes, (not brand, but style.):: Tenis shoes

blogging service:: blogger I hate wordpress!

thing to do on the weekend:: On an ordinary weekend, surf the web. On an adventurous weekend? skydive, or bungee jump, or zipline, or do something I’ve never done before.

type of movie:: drama

car:: one that goes fast.

fast food place:: mcDonalds

world leader/philosopher:: Right now, President Barack Obama.

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