Thursday 13 3

I switched from wordpress to blogger a couple months ago, here are 13 reasons why I like blogger better.

  1. It’s stable and reliable, (if I made any small change to anything on wordpress, chances are that it would break, and even when I went to fix whatever was broken, sometimes it would still be broken after I was done with it!
  2. It uses my google account, so I don’t have to remember a long and random password that wordpress would give me, (when I lost the password, I would have to reinstall again!)
  3. It’s fast!
  4. After 10 years, (Blogger turned 10 on Sunday,) they’re still developing it!
  5. It’s simple, in the 2 months I’ve been using it, I haven’t had a single problem with it!
  6. It’s flexible, you can put just about anything on a blog, (you can with wordpress too, but you might have to modify something else, and thus the whole breaking thing!)
  7. There are widgets, (and I love widgets!)
  8. Lots of features, and they’re releasing more all the time!
  9. It integrates with google reader seemlessly! They’ve made it integrate more with the new send to feature in google reader.
  10. You can just pick a template and go, no downloading, extracting and installing wordpress themes.
  11. It’s the same way with widgets, you just add them, no downloading, extracting or installing.
  12. It’s up all the time, or it appears to be anyway, I’ve never had it crash on me, even while posting every half hour for 24 hours!
  13. Google owns it, what can I say? It’s good!

I used wordpress for 3 years, before I started using blogger, it’s not a bad thing, I just like blogger better!

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