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Happy birthday, mom!

Yep, today’s my mom’s birthday, and yep, I didn’t remember until this afternoon, when I was sitting in the chiropractor’s office! Someone said “it’s September 29th!” I was like, “oh crap! I forgot that today is mom’s birthday!” I just happened to have my cell phone with me, (which doesn’t usually happen,) so I called and left a message. We’re going out to dinner tonight, but I have no idea where we’re going, (because she hasn’t told my sister or I.)

Thursday 13 6

OK, here are 13 of my favorite foods.

  1. Pizza, I’ll eat any kind.
  2. Chinese, (of course, I’ve never had the real, authentic chinese food, just the american kind.)
  3. Cheese, I like lots of different kinds of cheese (but, I’m not going to make the list right now!)
  4. Anything spicy, and yeah, I do mean anything. As long as it has a kick, I like it!
  5. Chocolate, um, yeah, I’ll have to make a list of my favorite candy sometime too!
  6. Ice cream, (but not soft-serve,) I mean I’ll eat it, but it just melts way too fast!
  7. Fish, and yes, this includes both seafood, and freshwater fish.
  8. Anything with rice in it, (ok, probably not anything, but I’m a huge fan of rice, especially brown rice.)
  9. Italian food/pasta, (Olive Garden is a good thing!)
  10. Hamburgers, (with cheese, of course.) But not just any kind, I’m not a huge fan of Wendy’s, for instance.
  11. Mexican, (again, I’ve never been to mexico, so I’ve never had real, authentic mexican food. But I love the american kind!
  12. Chips, oh, I need to make another list! I like lots of kinds of chips, (potato chips, not the chips that we call french fries.)
  13. Crackers, (mainly cheese crackers.)

Interviews done.

Mom and I just finished conducting care provider interviews. I had one person call and cancel, but didn’t have anyone not show up, (which has happened in the past.) Now comes the decision, both candidates seem really nice, (but one isn’t registered for state senior services.) Oh yeah, mom is coming back with KFC, (woohoo!)

And so the process begins…

So begins the process of finding a new care provider. I’ve made 3 calls today, one answered the phone, I got one callback, and I’m waiting for another. Mom and I will conduct interviews Wednesday, (mom wanted evening interviews, on Tuesday or wednesday.) So far, I have 2 scheduled for Wednesday evening. In the past, I’ve asked for a list of people from senior services, but this time, I’ve taken 3 recommendations from friends, and, (unless none of them meet the criteria that mom and I set,) I shouldn’t need to ask for a list.

last day

It was my care provider’s last day today. She’s moving out of state. She got here at about 9:00 this morning. She did her usual cleaning routine, and then we went to the chiropractor, (our appointment was at 11:00. After that we went to RiteAde, and then came home. She finished up everything, and then left, (she just left a little bit ago.)

Unconcious mutterings

Here’s a fun little meme that I haven’t done in a while, (since I’ve been using blogger, and a couple years before that.)
unconcious mutterings
I say … and you think … ?

  1. Omelette :: Eggs, breakfast
  2. Classic :: old, timeless
  3. Thrifty :: frugal
  4. Search:: google
  5. Fan:: the thing I have in my bedroom that blows cold air, (or, fanatic)
  6. Fussy:: bbaby
  7. I am not :: Ready for church yet, (I’m going to 2nd service today.)
  8. Indulge :: splurge
  9. Poor :: hmm, that’s one of those confusing words that I don’t use too often when writing, but it usually makes me think of poverty.
  10. Manicure :: Having nails done

I love free association!

Thursday 13 5

I was going to do 13 applications I’m looking forward to using when I get the Ipod touch that I’m planning to get, but I have to find links to each application, and I’m not sure if I can come up with 13, (part of the fun is surfing and finding new apps!) So, here are 13 things I’m looking forward to for fall, (when it officially comes.)

  1. Being able to transport chocolate without it melting!
  2. Haloween, (for the candy, of course!)
  3. Soup, (and lots of it!)
  4. Colder weather.
  5. Thanksgiving, (for the family, the food, and the tradition it brings.)
  6. preparing for Christmas, shoppping, baking, and decorating!
  7. making my Christmas wishlist! I really need to get started on that one!
  8. Morning tea, (I usually forgo this in the summer, because I’m not a fan of cold tea.)
  9. Not having to dump the drainage pan for my AC! Although I don’t mind doing this, it will be a nice change.
  10. The new TV season!
  11. Operation Christmas child, shopping and filling the boxes, so much fun!
  12. Snow, (although this is more of a winter thing for us,) for some strange reason, I actually like it.
  13. Donating to the today show toy drive from their amazon wishlist, (I do this yearly too.)

wooohoooo! Otherwise known as, it looks official!

yesterday, I told the guys at inerseshen that the neighbors would have to file a complaint against me if a certain thing happened at a certain event today. Well, from what this says, that certain thing happened at such event! It wasn’t quite clear from the live coverage I was watching of the Apple event, because twit live sort of glossed over that announcement, (or, they didn’t make it clear enough as to which Ipod was getting the screen reader.) It’s actually more than one, (the one that has a video camera, I believe, is also getting one.) So, I did my research, and a twitter follower tweeted a link to the page I’ve linked here. Yeah, apple already put a screen reader in the IPhone, but paying for a monthly data plan, (and a phone plan,) is extra-expensive. Because the Ipod touch has wi-fi built in, (mi-fi, anyone?) there are no data plans, (unless you want constant wi-fi everywhere, of course!) Which, well, I do! So, after the demonstrations come out for this, I will most likely be getting one! Oh yeah, I think I left my seat 3 times today! Much celibration ensued!

It’s been exactly a year…

Yep, it’s been exactly a year to the date since I went bungee jumping! I still have a link to the video, (since I uploaded it to viddler,) so here it is I still want to go again! I tried again this year, but the scheduling didn’t work out, (my parent’s were going to have to take me, my dad works in Washington, but it’s a different part of Washington, so an extra-long drive would have been in order.) I still hope to go again sometime!

7 quick takes 1

OK, I’ve never done 7 quick takes before, it’s a Friday thing, but I think I’m going to make it a Saturday thing here, (for now, anyway.)

  1. I’m overly glad I’m not using wordpress right now! it’s under attack! says Mashable and lots and lots of people on twitter!
  2. Regardless of weather people believe it’s accessible or not, I use google reader and love it! OK, granted, it’s a bit of an interesting beast, and I do have to put up with some excentricities once in a while, but overall, it works fairly well.
  3. I’ve come to believe over the years, that accessibility is fairly relative.
  4. I have absolutely no plans whatsoever for the holiday. Since I’ll be home anyway, it isn’t really a holiday to me, (I know, lots of people have it off, and it’s officially been proclaimed a holiday long ago, but it’s like, if I don’t go to school, days where there’s no school don’t really affect me, thus I tend to forget about them.
  5. I also have no plans for this weekend, thus, I’m staying home blogging on a Saturday.
  6. I was actually a bit cold when I got up this morning, I thought about making some hot tea, (which, obviously, I haven’t done for the whole summer.) I’m actually ready for fall to come!
  7. My parent’s decided that they would go camping for the labor day weekend, they also decided that they would leave me at home. I’m not in the same house as my parent’s, but still, I could have gone with them, (but it was supposed to rain all weekend where they’re going camping.) I’m a fall/winter person, but to me, rain and camping just don’t mix!