7 quick takes 1

OK, I’ve never done 7 quick takes before, it’s a Friday thing, but I think I’m going to make it a Saturday thing here, (for now, anyway.)

  1. I’m overly glad I’m not using wordpress right now! it’s under attack! says Mashable and lots and lots of people on twitter!
  2. Regardless of weather people believe it’s accessible or not, I use google reader and love it! OK, granted, it’s a bit of an interesting beast, and I do have to put up with some excentricities once in a while, but overall, it works fairly well.
  3. I’ve come to believe over the years, that accessibility is fairly relative.
  4. I have absolutely no plans whatsoever for the holiday. Since I’ll be home anyway, it isn’t really a holiday to me, (I know, lots of people have it off, and it’s officially been proclaimed a holiday long ago, but it’s like, if I don’t go to school, days where there’s no school don’t really affect me, thus I tend to forget about them.
  5. I also have no plans for this weekend, thus, I’m staying home blogging on a Saturday.
  6. I was actually a bit cold when I got up this morning, I thought about making some hot tea, (which, obviously, I haven’t done for the whole summer.) I’m actually ready for fall to come!
  7. My parent’s decided that they would go camping for the labor day weekend, they also decided that they would leave me at home. I’m not in the same house as my parent’s, but still, I could have gone with them, (but it was supposed to rain all weekend where they’re going camping.) I’m a fall/winter person, but to me, rain and camping just don’t mix!

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