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Thursday 13 7

I’m a bit late for the whole Windows 7 launch thingy, aren’t I? But this just happens to be my 7th Thursday 13! Because halloween is in a couple days, (and because I love candy!) I’m doing 13 of my favorite kinds of candy, (in the order that I rememberr them, which is in no particular order at all.)

  1. Reeses peanut butter cups.
  2. Reeses pieces.
  3. Kit-kat bars.
  4. Any dark chocolate from sees candy, (or any chocolatier for that matter.)
  5. Chocolate covered gummi bears, (I know it’s weird, but if you’ve had them and you like them, then you’ll understand.)
  6. M&M’s.
  7. 100 grand bars.
  8. Twix
  9. Mounds and almond joy, (yep, I do like both of them, but I’m a fan of dark chocolate, so I usually eat mounds.)
  10. airheads, (yeah, it’s actually a candy.)
  11. Nestle’s crunch.
  12. Necco wafers.
  13. Warheads, or anything sour.)

I’m back!

We got back from our weekend trip yesterday. It was a lot of fun! We got to go up in the space neetle on an elivator ride that my mom didn’t really like, (but I did, of course!) We went to Pike street market, the chocolate factory, and then we rode the fairy! We took the fairy ride to cut down on driving time it was like 2 hours to seattle from where my dad is staying, but if we took the fairy, well, we could be on the fairy for an hour and not have to be in the car driving! Of course, it’s one of those fairies that you drive your car onto.

A weekend trip.

Tomorrow mom, my sister, and I are leaving to go to Washington state to see my dad, who has been working there. We’re hopefully going to go to seattle, to go to the top of the space neetle, and fun stuff like that! So, mom will be coming over in a while to pick me up, because I’m spending the night at their house tonight. We’ll be back Monday