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Merry Christmas!

I’ll be leaving soon to go to my parent’s house to spend the night, as I usually do on Christmas Eve. But, just thought I would post first. Have a Merry Christmas, (whoever might be reading this.)

Thursday 13 11

Here are 13 things my family and I did on our trip to the east bay, from getting there to leaving.

  1. Rode 2 transit trains, both of them went under the bay.
  2. Rode 2 street cars.
  3. Ate at a chowder house on pier 39.
  4. Went to 2 chocolate shops including Ghirardelli square and the one there.
  5. ate here
  6. My parents, sister, and sister’s boyfriend went to an Oakland Raiders game.
  7. I sat in the room, while parents, sister, and sister’s boyfriend attended said event.
  8. Had to drive through snow and ice on the way, of course, I wasn’t the one driving.
  9. Got stuck in traffic on the highway for 2 hours, (just as we entered the east bay area.)
  10. Ate at quiznos after parents and family got back from the game.
  11. Used all the bandwidth I needed, otherwise known as leached off the motel wi-fi.
  12. Ate at Dennies twice.
  13. Thought we were going to cross the bay bridge on our way home, but we didn’t.

Of course, we’re back now. I had fun! I didn’t really want to leave but of course, I did.

Thursday 13 10

Before I head off on my trip with my family to the east bay tomorrow morning. Here are 13 of my favorite Christmas songs.

  1. Oh holy night
  2. Oh come all ye faithful
  3. Silent night
  4. Do you hear what I hear?
  5. Little drummer boy
  6. My grown up Christmas list, both Kelly Clarkson and Amy Grant do a version.
  7. Believe, Josh groban.
  8. A baby changes everything, Faith Hill.
  9. Christmas wishes, Anne Murray
  10. My Christmas prayer, Bebe Winans
  11. Silver bells
  12. Joy to the world
  13. Where are you Christmas, Faith hill.

OK, that’s only 13! I do have a few more.

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Yesterday, my sister and I were out Christmas shopping, we were in one of those stores that have some strange things, (like different kinds of Christmas decorations, and such. While we were waiting, my sister asked me “do you like sunflower seeds?” I said yeah, (of course I do!) Then I asked why. She said because they had some chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I hope those were intended for us to try, because we both did. After I got done, I whispered in my sister’s ear, “can you get me some of those, and put them in my stocking?” She said yes, and she did get them! So, what did I do? I came back home and looked them up online! I came across Disclosure, I’m not affiliated with this site, nope, not one bit! I haven’t even ordered from there yet, but I’ve done lots of surfing.

Thursday 13 9

Here are 13 things on my Christmas wishlist!

  1. The newest Ipod touch.
  2. sleeping bag, (for when I go on retreat.)
  3. Hickory farms cheese ball, (I love these, and unless I order them online, I can’t get them any other time of the year.)
  4. an gift card, because I’ve never gotten one before, and if they don’t expire, I can probably use them for next Christmas, (LOL!)
  5. Chocolate covered gummy bears, (as far as I know, I can’t get them here.)
  6. pez, I love pez!
  7. Jelly belly asortment, (those boxes that have like 40 or 50 flavors.)
  8. a tin of popcorn particularly one from this site I love that site, (it’s actually a specialty shop, and that’s their website.) They have all sorts of flavors besides the ones you would expect.
  9. Jeans
  10. sweatshirts
  11. herbal tea, (like celestial seasons or stash.)
  12. Bathroom rugs
  13. Pajamas

That isn’t all the things on my list, just 13 of them. LOL, you can never go wrong buying food for me as a Christmas present!