Chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Yesterday, my sister and I were out Christmas shopping, we were in one of those stores that have some strange things, (like different kinds of Christmas decorations, and such. While we were waiting, my sister asked me “do you like sunflower seeds?” I said yeah, (of course I do!) Then I asked why. She said because they had some chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I hope those were intended for us to try, because we both did. After I got done, I whispered in my sister’s ear, “can you get me some of those, and put them in my stocking?” She said yes, and she did get them! So, what did I do? I came back home and looked them up online! I came across Disclosure, I’m not affiliated with this site, nope, not one bit! I haven’t even ordered from there yet, but I’ve done lots of surfing.

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