Thursday 13 13

Here are links to all my thursday 13 posts! 13 random things about me. 13 things that would have been on my birthday wishlist, (if I would have written it.) 13 reasons why I like blogger. this was after switching from wordpress a couple months before that. 13 of my favorite sites. 13 things I’m … [Read more…]


Finally! My iPod touch was just delivered to me! Mom just brought it over a little bit ago! I’m so excited! Now, to start learning how to use it. There are some really good demonstrations out there. After that, I have to fix my broken wi-fi network, so I can tweet from the iPod.

Thursday 13 12

CES, (the consumer electronics show,) started this week. If you don’t know CES, it’s where lots of companies announce their new stuff. I get all excited about it every year for several reasons. First, I think being there would be one of the funnest things ever. 2nd is all the cool stuff, but sometimes some … [Read more…]


OK, I’m late with this one, like uber late! I found out about blippy last week, and I’m just posting about it now! Blippy is a site kind of like twitter… for purchases! So, if you can get into the super-private, (and very beta-ish), beta, then you link your accounts, (some people even have their … [Read more…]

Happy new year!

OK, so, I’m not doing anything tonight. Well, I’ve decided that I will order pizza for dinner. I don’t usually do anything on New years eve. I stay up and watch the ball drop in Times square, (I’ve been to times square, but not for the ball drop, which I think would be fun!) Then … [Read more…]