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Update on the rss twitter experiment.

Since it has been a week today, I thought I would write an update post on my rss twitter replacement experiment. In short: I want to give it up! I haven’t even looked at the tweets most days, (because I have to look at them tweet-by-tweet, and then find each thing I want to read.) Not only that, I usually only see the things on top, so I’ve missed a lot. In google reader, I don’t just look at the things on top of feeds, I look at everything in that feed. Also, reader does a better job of filtering than twitter does. I subscribe to only the feeds I want to read, and I read only the posts I want to read, (using list view.) Oh yeah, when I find links I want to read, I’ve been sending them to instapaper, (because often times I don’t find them all in one session,) guess where probably about 95% of those links still are? yep, instapaper! So yeah, I’m ready to give it up!

My rss/twitter experiment.

Today, (just in time for lent,) I’ve started an experiment in which I give up google reader and replace it with twitter. Ok, I don’t usually celibrate/practice lent, but I thought this would be a good time to start this, (since I’m actually giving up something, LOL!) Basically, I created a 2nd twitter account, and followed as many of the sites I subscribe to in google reader, (or the ones that have a twitter account, anyway.) So far, when I find links I want to read, I’m sending them to instapaper, which is an application that will save links for later. Because I don’t really want to take all day reading each thing, I want to do it when I want to do it. Yep, I’ve probably missed some tweets with interesting links in them, but that’s the consiquence of not having it all there, whenever I want it. Yep, google reader does update, but it will pretty much keep everything, when my twitter client pulls in new tweets, those are the tweets I read, (and go through, tweet-by-tweet.) If I want to read more tweets, well, that takes more time. So, yeah, I don’t think I’ll make it through the 40 days of lent, but that isn’t really the objective of the experiment, the objective is to see if twitter works as well, (or better,) than google reader for rss. So many people say they’re replacing google reader with twitter, so far, I’m wondering why.

Last night.

The olympics started last night. As usual, I stayed up really late! I went to bed at about 12:30, and got up at 6:30, (the 6:30 part was completely by accident, of course!) I best get used to this, I’ll most likely be staying up late for the next couple weeks. Should be fun! Even though I don’t really watch this stuff throughout the year, (like I used to,) I’m still an olympics fan.

Blogger pages.

Today, blogger released a feature that I’ve been waiting for for a while! When I was on wordpress, they had this thing called pages, it’s like a post, but it’s a static page, (unless you decide to update it.) So, you can put stuf up there that doesn’t change often. I just made one with my 100 things about me list in it. So, yeah, another reason for me to love blogger! Oh yeah, I’m not doing Thursday 13 today, for the simple reason that I can’t think of anything to make a list about, (LOL!)