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Why I should never launch and use the system configuration utility.

On Tuesday morning, (while trying to uninstall a program that was starting up every time, and therefore totally not uninstalling like it should,) I decided to be brave, and launch the system configuration utility. This has the list of everything that starts up when the computer boots, (among other things.) So, I went in there, and unchecked the program that I didn’t want to start up. What I didn’t realize until about a day and a half later, was that apparently, I also unchecked something associated with JAWS, or my sound settings, or something like that. OK, so I’ve used the system configuration utility once before, (when I was running windows xp, and I just happened to be living at my parent’s house,) so I knew that it might do something weird, (like launch again on boot), without bringing up JAWS. But, I was like whatever, it should be easy enough to get past it. What I didn’t realize, was that after I put it in selective startup, the system was actually booting… with one big exception, JAWS didn’t appear to be starting, (I was trying to uninstall avast antivirus, which I installed because even after scanning with 2 other antivirus programs, I thought I was infected, so I wanted a 3rd opinion.) I had a friend come over yesterday and help me fix the computer. I ended up having to go back into system configuration, and putting it back into normal startup, which worked fine! Avast? it’s still starting up, and I haven’t uninstalled it yet.

Last night.

Last night, I went to my parent’s house for dinner. Mom made fried chicken! I absolutely love mom’s fried chicken! It’s the best ever! We also had mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn. My parents make a really good potato salad, I was hoping we would have that, but we didn’t, oh well, maybe next time. While I was there, we watched appollo 13, which I’ve probably seen 5000 times, but I still like it. After I came back, I watched twit live for a while, they’re at the SXSW conference covering the parties, which is much fun to watch! On Saturday, the guy from twit even went croud surfing, which made me think that that would be fun, and that I want to do that someday. Or as I like to say, “I wanna do that too”!

Thursday 13 15

I did 13 of my favorite foods a while back, so, here are 13 of my least favorite foods.

  1. Pie, (yep, I don’t like pie!) I like cake, cookies, brownies, but just not pie!)
  2. Pudding, I like ice cream and Jello, but not pudding.
  3. Cottage cheese.
  4. Yogurt
  5. Cooked spinich, I like the leaves that you put in salads, but not the cooked stuff.
  6. Sour cream.
  7. Whipped cream, or coolwhip, or whatever you might use in place of cream in a spray can.
  8. Brussels sprouts, I get sour crout and brussels sprouts confused, I like sour crout, but not brussels sprouts.
  9. Sushi, even if I’ve never tried it, yeah, I know that’s a bad thing to say, but… I would never eat anything raw, regardless!
  10. Pears, I like fruit, lots of different kinds of it, peaches, grapes, pineapple, and strawberries to name a few, but pears? nope!
  11. Peanut butter, with some exceptions of course, I’ll eat peanut butter in any candy, cookies, or dessert, but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Didn’t like them as a kid, yep, I’m weird.
  12. beer, OK, beer is a drink, but I don’t like it!
  13. Cold coffee, iced coffee, or anything like that, again yeah I know it’s a drink, but if I’m going to drink coffee, I’m drinking hot coffee or no coffee.

My tweets are back.

A while ago, (I don’t exactly remember when,) I took the twitter widget off the blog, because it was showing someone else’s tweets. I tried adding it again like a month or so later, and it was still doing it. I tried it again today, and now my tweets are my tweets again! Yep, you guessed it, another widget that takes up space on the page, (what can I say? I like widgets!) I think I’ll add an email subscription thingy next, just in case there are people who read who don’t use RSS.

Grocery shopping

Today, my dad and I went grocery shopping. We got done in about an hour, which is record time for us, (it usually takes about an hour and a half.) We stopped at Mcdonalds on the way home. I had the box with my hamburger on my lap, the box also had fries in it, (dad put all the fries in the bag, and just gave some to me,) and I had my pop between my legs. Dad was driving, and he stopped pretty fast, (fast enough just for the car to lurch forward,) just enough for the cup to fall out of my lap, and all the pop to be spilt on the floor of mom’s escalade.

Thursday 13 14

13 places to find me, (sites I’m on.)

  1. twitter
  2. facebook
  3. myspace I don’t use myspace or facebook too much, I use and love twitter!
  4. google buzz
  5. posterous I use this for posting links I like.
  6. Live journal I really should update this more often.
  7. 43 things
  8. tumblr I really should revive this one!
  9. blippy Which I don’t use too often, because I only have amazon and iTunes set up, and well, I don’t shop enough!
  10. friend feed I’m not sure why I’m mentioning this, Google buzz is almost the same thing.
  11. mylikes
  12. A fun little site to ask and answer questions.
  13. delicious Which I haven’t used for a long time because of instapaper, which doesn’t give user URLs but should.

I think I’ll turn this into a blogger page too, so it will stay here after the post goes off the page, (even though it’s still in the archives.)

The experiment is over.

I’ve just deleted my rss account on twitter. I will be going back to google reader starting tomorrow, (for the simple reason that I normally read feeds in the morning.) I did look at reader earlier, as in, I opened it up, and looked at how many items I had unread. I really like google reader as an rss reader, I also like twitter, but not for that purpose.