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Our trip to Disney land.

Yesterday, we went to Disney Land. We spent all day there, (and into the evening.) We rode lots of rides! Space mountain was the best! It’s a rollercoaster that goes about 60 MPH! Can anyone say “woooohoooooooo?” We also rode Thunder Mountain, which is a rollercoaster that’s like a train. We went weightless a couple times! Even though we were strapped in, I wanted to lift out of the seat! We went on splash mountain, which (of course,) is a water ride, and I got wet! Oh yeah and I got to drive the go-carts at the end!

I’m going on a trip tomorrow!

My family and I are leaving tomorrow for a week-long trip to southern Ca. We’re actually flying this time, (woohoo!) Have I ever mentioned I like flying? As in, I really, really, really like flying? But, I don’t get to do it all that often, so I’m looking forward to it! I’m also looking forward to all the amusement park rides we’ll go on when we’re there! Should be lots and lots of fun!

Church picture day.

Today a friend from church and I went to get our pictures taken for our church directory. OK, so yeah, that sounds OK right? Well, I don’t really like having my picture taken, unless I’m doing something like bungee jumping or ziplining, or something like that! Then I’m all for it! But to just sit there and have people be like Ok, smile! That gets really annoying! Then they were like well, you get a free picture! I was like, um OK, but I don’t need one, so what’s the point? So, I’m giving that picture to my friend, who doesn’t have a picture of me, otherwise it would just sit here collecting dust. Oh yeah and I’m all for pictures on trips and stuff like that, just not pictures just for the sake of having my picture taken, which this pretty much was.

Happy belated easter!

So yeah, I was going to post this yesterday, but naturally I forgot. My family and I went to church in the morning, then they dropped me back off at home, so I could watch twit live, then dad picked me back up for dinner. Long story about the twit live thing, but to make the story short, I was following a lady who they picked at random like 3 weeks ago. They were giving away an iPad to one of her followers, and although it was 1 in 30000 people, I was eligible to win. I wanted to be prepared just in case, so I installed and tested Skype Saturday night, and I sang to the tester yesterday morning! Hope everyone had a happy easter!