Happy Memorial day!

I’m not doing much today, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy memorial day! I’m going to my parent’s house for dinner tonight, though. When I talked to mom earlier, she said they hadn’t decided what they were making yet. When dad took me to church yesterday, he talked about hamburgers or steak. … [Read more…]

Random things.

First of all, I’m thinking about starting a blog meme, kind of like Thursday 13, but shorter. I’m thinking it will probably be called Saturday 7, (because there’s already a Sunday 7.) Like Thursday 13, people will be able to write a list of 7 things about anything. I might post a prompt, (mainly to … [Read more…]

Lapptop woes!

On Sunday night, we had thunder and lightning here. I was done on the laptop, so I decided to shut it down. Since I was in kind of a hurry, I just flipped the switch, (I’ve done this like thousands of times before, and not had problems.) The next morning, I got up and went … [Read more…]

Friday 5

Just for fun, here are 5 questions about, (of all things,) cookies! 1. What is absolutely the best cookie you’ve ever had? Hmm, let’s see… I’ve had a lot of cookies! But the best ones are the big huge ones you get at the mall. My favorite are sugar cookies, and snickerdoodles.2. What is a … [Read more…]


I went grocery shopping yesterday. then, we went out to dinner to celibrate dad’s birthday. His birthday was Friday, but we had dinner last night. Mom and my sister got dad a flat screen TV! I want one of those, just because the TV I have now takes up a lot of space. Oh yeah, … [Read more…]