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Last night, or this morning… or both!

OK, so half way through AGT last night, I was like, I seriously don’t want to go to bed after this is over! I wasn’t tired at all, which is weird, because most nights, I like to go to bed at 10:00. So after AGT was over, I was like fine, I’ll go to bed, not that it’s going to help matters. Well, it didn’t! So, I got up a half hour later, turned on the computer, and surfred around for about an hour. Then I went back to bed for another half hour. When I got up the 2nd time, I was all ready to make this thing a test run! Because I tend to have those leading up to blogathon, and they’re fun most of the time, so I was like Ok, I’ll totally go for this thing! But if I get tired, I’ll go to bed and not force the issue, yeah I know, I probably should have tried harder, right? So, I went to bed at about 1:30, making it almost a test run, (I had 5 hours and 15 minutes left!)

Saturday 7 5

I’m going to visit a friend in another, (slightly bigger,) city over the 4th of July weekend!
7 hings I’ll probably do on my trip next weekend, (no promises.)

  1. Go swimming, my friend has a pool! OK, this is the one thing I can promise you that I’ll be doing, since my friend has a pool, and I love swimming, I’ll most likely swim at least once or twice!
  2. Go to church with my friend, and her family. She’s been wanting me to go to church with her since she moved, so I’ll most likely be going while I’m there.
  3. Staying up late on Sunday night, to watch the fireworks.
  4. Hitting the mall, and the candy shops in it. I do this on just about every trip I go on, so provided there aren’t any problems, I’ll most likely be doing this.
  5. Having cookouts, I’m sure we’ll be doing this, because it’s 4th of July!
  6. Seeing my friend’s family, I met most of them here last year, when she hoasted a 4th of July party at her house.
  7. Leaching the wi-fi… because I’m a leach!

A year ago today

I set up this blog a year ago today! I’ve been on Blogger for a year, and I still love it! I don’t think I’ll ever switch away from it, (I know, never say never,) but I’m still using it for now. The feature they’ve added that I really like in the past year? Pages! They opened up the template designer to everyone a couple weeks ago, I have yet to try that one, although I’m sure I’ll try it in the coming weeks. So, yeah, I still love blogger, I don’t think anyone could get me to switch back to wordpress!

Happy father’s day!

Just wanted to wish all the dad’s out there a happy father’s day! I’m going out to dinner tonight with my family, for a combined father’s day/sister’s birthday celibration! Since my sister was on a trip over the weekend, we kind of sort of celibrated her birthday on Thursday, but we’re going to do both tonight. After church, my friend, (who goes to church with me,) and I went to RiteAid, because I was out of stuff, (I run out of stuff too often!) My sister was at RiteAid! She asked me if I was going to get my dad a card and I was like yeah, I suppose. the backstory behind this, is that I’m not all that fond of receiving cards, so I’m not a fan of giving them. I’d rather give a gift and go to dinner, and be done with it! But then she was like, I just got dad a card, and I can sign it from both of us. I was like, well I can get him a card. Then she said well do you want me to sign it from both of us? then I was like yeah, just do that.

Saturday 7 4

7 things I like about Summer, (I’m actually doing the prompt!) here’s the site for the meme

  1. Strawberries! Love them!
  2. That I get to use my AC, (I like using my AC, I know that’s weird.)
  3. Those summer reality shows, (namely AGT.)
  4. That I get to wear shorts, sandles, and not wear socks!
  5. Swimming! But, I never get to go, I should really go before summer’s over!
  6. My birthday, (and my sister’s birthday.)
  7. Backyard cookouts, oh and blogathon!

OK, technically, that’s 8 things! But, um, I had to throw that last one in there… LOL!

Happy birthday to my sister!

My sister’s birthday is today! I called her earlier to wish her a happy birthday. Apparently, I called her too late though, because dad called me, and was like, “did you call your sister, and wish her a happy birthday?” Obviously, I knew it was her birthday, and I didn’t really like, (or need,) the reminder! I wasn’t sure she was up yet, so I was going to call her in a couple hours. I’m not sure what we’re doing, she has plans to leave town tomorrow, and be gone for most of the weekend. I think we’re doing some sort of dinner tonight.

Picture backup woes.

In trying to post my vacation pictures to this blog, I used posterous, which I always use for this. Unfortunately, posterous didn’t send the pictures to blogger, (I’m not sure why!) I was going to try to set up a Picasa web account to store all my pictures, but you have to use picasa’s software to upload them. I need a place to backup my pictures, other than my flash drive! I suppose I could use my server for this, but yeah, using a web server that’s supposed to be for a website to store images is well… a bit weird! So, I’m not sure what I’ll do. The pictures are all on my facebook page, (which I still have and probably won’t give up anytime soon,) at: I wish there was a way to get the pictures out of facebook at their original quality though, because for some reason I deleted the pictures from last years vacation!

Saturday 7 3

7 things we did on our trip to southern CA, (the one we took in April.) I’m actually going to post a small selection of the pictures my sister sent me on the blog today, (later,) using posterous to get them there.

  1. Flew there and back.
  2. Went to the beach.
  3. Went to Disney Land! This was probably the funnest part of the trip for me!
  4. Took a short trip to the San Diego zoo, (it was raining that day.)
  5. I stayed back while the others went to an aquarium.
  6. Swam for almost 6 hours in the pool at my parent’s timeshare.
  7. Went to Sees candy on our way to the airport!

Saturday 7 2

7 of my favorite TV shows, (some not in season.)

  1. NCIS.
  2. CSI.
  3. Surviver.
  4. Amazing race.
  5. 48 hours, (the TV show that comes on Saturday nights here, not the movie.)
  6. Dateline NBC.
  7. 60 minutes.

Those are just some, (I could probably list 7 more, but I won’t this time!) That’s the URL for the meme, just in case anyone wants to check it out.