Saturday 7 13

This list will be all about my Squidoo adventures! I haven’t figured out how to make this list yet though. In case anyone doesn’t know, squidoo is a site where you build mini pages called Lenses. You can build a lens about almost anything. It’s a revshare thing although I don’t think it’s an equal … [Read more…]

Word association survey.

The Word Association Game apple: Macdog: Catchair: couchmouse: keyboardfire: flameswhiskey: alcohollove: hatehate: lovecamera: picturesilver: goldcouch: chairsky: flyingsocks: shoessoccer: something we don’t do here in the USpanda: bearrazor: bladeblue: skyleaf: fallsurf: the webmusic: singingfish: swimmingbubble: gumblanket: pillowprinter: computerbunk bed: top or bottompaper: plastic… lol!magnet: fridgecoffee: teatrain: buslamp: lightpaint: brushbored: wasting timebelt: pantstree: greenlighter: fluid… don’t ask.goat: … [Read more…]

Saturday 7 12

7 random things I’ve had a headache almost all week. This usually means it’s time for me to go to the chiropractor. I now know what mom is getting for her birthday, it’s something I would most definitely want! I think I’ll post another survey or 2 in the next couple weeks. I’ve started making … [Read more…]

All about me survey thingy

I thought I’d do one of these and make it into a blogger page. Getting To Know You What…is your nickname?: Well, between you and me oh wait… never mind. My family calls me boo, I won’t let anyone who isn’t in the family call me that, muchto my sister’s boyfriend’s your sign?: Virgo, and … [Read more…]

Saturday 7 11

OK, I’m not suspicious or anything. But I hthink it’s a bit weird that I’m doing Saturday 7 11 on 9/11. I couldn’t think of what to make a list about at first, but then I remembered I thought about it yesterday.7 things I’m looking forward to for fall. Soup! I love soup! I’ll be able … [Read more…]

Google instant is fun!

So, google just launched their new thing, instant search. I was watching the event being streamed live on youtube, (Ok I think that’s my new favorite thing live streams on youtube !) I was just playing with google instant and it’s actually fun to play with, lol! I typed in instant c and it came up … [Read more…]

Saturday 7 10.

7 things I’m doing, or have done this week. we had our last class yesterday. I got my test yesterday, I have yet to take it. Along with the test, we have one last homework assignment. I’m working on a website for my landlord… with my landlord. My parents are laying new floors in their … [Read more…]