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Thursday 13 18

Yep! I’m actually doing Thursday 13! I won’t be doing it every week again like I used to though, just once in a while. This week, it’s all about promotion! Oh… I know what your thinking… here she goes with promoting her squidoo lenses again! Nope, not mine. But other lensmasters lenses that I really like! Because there are some really, really good lenses out there!
13 of my favorite squidoo lenses.

  1. 101 websites to see before you die This is my favorite lens! When I say favorite, I mean it’s my most favorite out of all of them so far!
  2. Mashable’s best resources online. This is a lens full of lists! The problem with this one is that after you finish going through all those lists where it says feel free to add another list, a bunch of spammers have gotten in there. But the lists are still good.
  3. the only twitter applications list you’ll ever need That’s just the title of the lens, I would never say that a single list is all you need on a subject, because I love making lists with a passion! So, consider this one of the many twitter applications lists you’ll ever need.
  4. How would he get to my PayPal account if I died tomorrow? OK… I wasn’t going to post this, but it involves the important subject of handling online accounts after death. If you’re not into this whole squidoo thing at all and you think I’m absolutely crazy and being a spammer, here is a MakeUseOf article that deals with the same subject.
  5. How to have multiple blogs on one blog. Not my lens, someone elses, but I think she met, how to have multiple blogs on one account or something. I think it’s impossible to have multiple blogs on one blog, unless your talking about blog authors, or separate RSS feed channels, or sideblogs, or something like that.
  6. C’mon, let’s squidoo! I like this lens, it’s a nice and basic lens of squidoo tips.
  7. 49 ideas for awesome lenses Love this one! It’s the first lens I read after I signed up for squidoo. I made a list of lens ideas too, but I’m just not brave enough to post them as a lens!
  8. 50 polls. Danger! Danger! This is dangerous territory for me! I love taking polls and quizzes… and surveys, and doing memes… and all that fun stuff! This is a lens with all polls in it!
  9. Squidoo polls galore! Another one! I love these kind of lenses, I think I’ll make one sometime!
  10. You’re missing out! All about undiscovered squidoo modules. Modules are like widgets that you integrate into a lens, but they’re what you use to build the content with.
  11. 50 food polls. Another lens of polls! Didn’t realize I favorited so many!
  12. Moist banana bread recipe. My dad and I used to make banana bread when I was little. So, here’s a recipe for it. I just became a fan of that lensmaster!
  13. deviled egg potato salad This just sounds good.

OK, now I have a question of my own! I’m thinking about starting a separate blog to document my squidoo adventures, from making my first lens to making my 4th, which I did today, I’m sure eventually the niche will become a bit broader, but should I do it? The upside is that I won’t mention squidoo here on the blog as much anymore!

Should I start a blog to document my squidoo adventures?customer surveys

Happy birhtday to my mom!

Today’s mom’s birthday! I know what she’s getting, and it’s something I want! Don’t worry, I’m not going to say anything here. But I did tweet it a couple weeks ago when I found out. I’m not sure if we’re doing anything, we usually go to dinner on birthdays, but my parents are leaving on a trip tomorrow. They need to pack and get ready and all that fun stuff!

Weekly Links for 9/27

I almost forgot to do this! But when doing my delicious surfing, I only found 2 link-worthy things, so your getting 2 and a couple links from me.

OK, now here comes the promotion! I made another Squidoo lens Saturday. Things I learned after 24 hours of squidoo. in the same Veign as my Saturday 7 post. I was thinking about starting a separate blog to document my squidoo adventures! But I’m not sure how well I would do with that.

Saturday 7 13

This list will be all about my Squidoo adventures! I haven’t figured out how to make this list yet though. In case anyone doesn’t know, squidoo is a site where you build mini pages called Lenses. You can build a lens about almost anything. It’s a revshare thing although I don’t think it’s an equal split, I’ve looked at the split but now I don’t remember how it goes. I set mine up to give whatever earnings I make from my lenses to Donors choose, which I think is an amazingly cool idea! Yeah, you can also give to charity with the lenses that you build. OK, so here are some of the things I learned while building my first lens yesterday!

  1. While in the lensbuilding process, never reboot! I did this and I couldn’t get back to where I was.
  2. Each lens has to have 4 modules on it, (like widgets,) before it can be taken out of work in progress mode, (wip for short.).
  3. It’s hard to delete work in progress lenses, so hard that I haven’t been able to do it.
  4. I’ve found favoriting lenses to be one of my favorite things.
  5. I think the points system is cool, but I don’t quite get the whole thing yet.
  6. Javascript menus are annoying, in fact, this is what caused me not to be able to delete my first attempt at my first lens, or edit it for that matter.
  7. Making lenses is actually fun! Even though it might take all day.

Another thing, they want you to put a picture on every lens, but I don’t have nearly enough pictures to do that, and most of my pictures are really flippin big! No, I can’t resize them.
PS, here’s my first lens! Yep, I regret the uRL, but the title had to be good and that was the best one that I could come up with at the time.

Word association survey.

The Word Association Game

apple: Mac
dog: Cat
chair: couch
mouse: keyboard
fire: flames
whiskey: alcohol
love: hate
hate: love
camera: picture
silver: gold
couch: chair
sky: flying
socks: shoes
soccer: something we don’t do here in the US
panda: bear
razor: blade
blue: sky
leaf: fall
surf: the web
music: singing
fish: swimming
bubble: gum
blanket: pillow
printer: computer
bunk bed: top or bottom
paper: plastic… lol!
magnet: fridge
coffee: tea
train: bus
lamp: light
paint: brush
bored: wasting time
belt: pants
tree: green
lighter: fluid… don’t ask.
goat: sheep
checker: cashier
monkey: the zoo
sorry: I did it.
pants: shirt
windows: Mac
swim: pool
flower: plant
video: YouTube
mistake: oops

wings: flight!
clock: time
lust: is bad
depress: Put down
book: paper
radio: TV
door: lock
stool: chair
fanny pack: purse
white: black
black: white
turn: left
toe: foot
cat: dog
hamster: rat
survey: questions
rain: snow
box: shipping
cord: wire
surprise: party
clean: house
water: park
head: ache
glass: half full
car: driving
roof: Ceiling
beer: disgusting!
muffins: breakfast
scream: yell
lie: truth
fork: spoon
star: moon
dinosaur: extinct.
credit: card
pie: cake
strawberry: fruit
past: future
graffiti: spray paint
paranoia: worry
ink: pen
tape: scotch
trap: door
flamingo: pond
salt: pepper
cards: deck
fly: plane
moon: stars
duck: quack
sea: ocean
money: cash
thread: sewing
ribbon: cutting
cookie: cutter
blade: server… lol!
organ: donor
toilet: paper
puke: spew
anime: cartoons.
hungry: thirsty
run: walk
pogo: plug… wait…
wire: wireless
paper: plastic

cut: scissors
text: message
paste: copy
word: word!
parachute: skydiving, which is much fun!
rat: mouse
doll: baby
hat: cap
dead: alive
pot: pan
map: world
target: Wall Mart
sarcasm: humor
tea: coffee
key: lock
power: water
wet: dry
rabid: bunny
green: trees
switch: flip the…
game: play
feather: bird
cop: speeding
apathy: don’t care.
thyme: wasting
porcupine: quills
base: drums
avenue: street
robots: .txt
dance: ballet
egg: hard boiled
ninja: fighting
sleep: wake
cupcake: cake
glitter: glue
cheese: crackers

obsession: compulsion
marker: permanent
badger: the witness
crop: farm
jacket: coat
cure: disease
post card: travel
fun: times
arrest: jail
dust: cleaning
computer: internet
sin: repentance
door: window
pin: number
pillow: blanket
beans: green
van: floor
wrestle: arm
mango: fruit
electric: car

search: engine
balance: beam
gnome: lawn
taboo: Something that you aren’t supposed to do.
triangle: square
project: deadline
complex: hard
glove: snow
pine cone: pine tree
failure: success
gas: cap
wax: candle
riot: protest
poison: control
eating: food
blank: check
piggy: bank
microwave: oven
mud: puddles
circle: square
racket: noise
pollution: air

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Weekly links for 9/20

I skipped weekly links yesterday, so I’m doing them today! Here are some cool sites I found over the week.

  • Listbean A site that lets you make and customize checklists. Lists are fun!
  • Siftlinks Takes links from your twitter timeline and puts them into an RSS feed. I think I’m going to start using this one!
  • Tweet Nest Makes an archive of your tweets.
  • What can I say? I like the domain! It’s a site that lets you make a splash page profile thingy.

Saturday 7 12

7 random things

  1. I’ve had a headache almost all week.
  2. This usually means it’s time for me to go to the chiropractor.
  3. I now know what mom is getting for her birthday, it’s something I would most definitely want!
  4. I think I’ll post another survey or 2 in the next couple weeks.
  5. I’ve started making my Christmas wishlist for this year, I started it last weekend.
  6. I had my housing inspection last week, I think it went OK.
  7. I’m now starting to regret tweeting mom’s birthday gift.

All about me survey thingy

I thought I’d do one of these and make it into a blogger page.

Getting To Know You
is your nickname?: Well, between you and me oh wait… never mind. My family calls me boo, I won’t let anyone who isn’t in the family call me that, much
to my sister’s boyfriend’s dismay.
is your sign?: Virgo, and I don’t care.
is your favorite saying?: I have several of them. But I think my most favorite is, “life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”
was your state of birth?: Oregon
is your eye color?: Brown
is your hair color?: Brown
do you have pierced?: I used to have my ears pierced, but not anymore, so… nothing.
do you have tattooed?: nothing
type of clothes do you prefer?: loose and comfortable ones.
is your favorite pastime?: Surfing the web, LOL!
If you were… (who/what would it be?)
a bumper sticker: not sure. Maybe, “go faster!” Or something like that.
an animal: Definitely a bird!
a theme song: born to fly by Sarah evans.
a cookie: most likely, either a sugar cookie or a snickerdoodle.
a Christmas carol: Oh holy night
an alcoholic drink: wine. I’m not sure which kind of wine though.
a Muppets character: Don’t know.
a magazine: Wired
one of the Brady Bunch: Don’t know, never watched it… or maybe I did, I don’t remember.
a holiday: Christmas!
a city: San Francisco!
a soda: pepsi
a super hero: Superman, so I could fly!
a flower: not sure
a crayon: Some kind of blue, just because.
a candy conversation heart: Not sure
a jelly bean: buttered popcorn or toasted marshmallow.
a salad dressing: blue cheese! Because I love it!
a bowl of cereal: life
Have you ever…
played seven minutes in the closet?: what? What’s that?
gone skinny dipping?: When I was little I went skinny dipping once.
smoked cigarettes?: no way!
broken the law? (and got caught): no
played spin the bottle?: I think so, but I don’t remember.
tp’d someone’s house?: No, but some friends and I tp’d a classroom as an April fools joke once.
ran away from home?: The story goes that when I was little, I tried to run away. But no, not in my older years, even when I was a teenager.
skipped school?: no, not even once for senior skip day!
been kicked out of a public place?: no
made a prank phone call?: no
had stitches?: Yep, more than once.
had an operation?: Yep, several of them. I had my tonsils out and my foot operated on to correct severely flat feet.
broken a bone?: no
cheated on a test?: No way!
had a stalker?: Almost, I had someone go to my site like 1000 times a day in 2004, and they would always leave comments but never tell me who they were.
I think they even became friends with me on myspace, that’s until I deleted my myspace account.
played a drinking game?: Yeah, with water! LOL!
made someone cry?: Not on purpose.
cried during a movie?: Yep, a lot.
Do you…
multi-task?: oh yeah! All the time!
speak a foreign language?: no
whistle while you work?: no
talk in your sleep?: I did when I was younger, but not anymore… that I know of.
swear a little/swear a lot?: no, I don’t sware.
drive the speed limit?: LOL, I don’t drive.
snort when you laugh?: No, well I try not to anyway. But I have many times before.
sing in the shower?: yep… a lot!
cry at weddings?: depends on who’s getting married.
eat sushi?: no
dream in color?: no, I dream in words
ride roller coasters?: yeah baby!
What will…?
your famous last words be?: Probably, “have fun!” Because I say that a lot.
you regret not doing?: Lots of things.
you be remembered for most?: Not sure about that one.
you remember forever?: There’s a really, really long list.
heaven be like?: Amazing! We don’t know yet though, do we?
people say when you�re gone?: I don’t know, I don’t plan to be there!
you miss the most?: My family and friends.
This or that…
Summer or Winter: Definitely winter!
Dogs or Cats: dogs
Dr. Pepper or Coke: coke
Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?: half full
Bahamas or Europe: um… I don’t know, I’ve never been to any of those places.
Plane or Automobile: If I had a choice? Definitely a plane!
Waffles or Pancakes: neither
Ice Cream or Cake: Both, but never together!
Kisses or Hugs: hugs
Strawberries or Bananas: strawberries, I only eat bananas one way, and that’s dipped in chocolate! Although frozen bananas would be good, you have to freeze
them to dip them.
Once Upon A Time or Happily Ever After: both
Raisinettes or Goobers: what? What are goobers?
Ketchup or Mustard: neither!
A few words on…
Peanut Butter: It’s really, really good!
Love: It’s the best thing!
IPOD’s: I have one.
Digital Cameras: I don’t have one.
Hate: It’s a strong word.
Religion: I’m a christian.
Ignorance: isn’t bliss.
Bliss: isn’t ignorance
Friends: are really nice to have!
Enemies: aren’t fun to deal with.
Drugs: Are adictive, but I wouldn’t know.
Alcohol: is disgusting… except for wine, which I can tolerate.
Your Family: Is strange sometimes.
Your Kids: I don’t have any.
Socks: Go with shoes.
Shoes: Are a necissary thing.
Dreams: Sometimes come true, and sometimes not.
Happiness: No matter what, there’s mostly always a reason for it.
Pizza: Love it!
Cheeseburgers: love them!
Do you believe in…
what goes around, comes around: yeah, you reap what you sew.
angels: yeah
demons: yep
aliens: no, not really.
soul mates: yeah, for some people.
reincarnation: no way!
love at first sight: No
true love: yeah
luck: Not really
karma: Well, I do believe in the principle, but I don’t call it, “Karma.”
heaven: yeah
hell: yeah
Santa: no, not anymore.
fate: no
everything having a purpose: Yep, everything happens for a reason
miracles: yep
ghosts: no
Getting To Know You Survey found on Bzoink

how I fixxed my twitter client… for now.

Since last Friday, I was having issues with my twitter client. I finally decided to uninstall it and delete everything that had to do with it on my system, thinking that maybe that would do the trick. In the meantime, the developers released a new version of the client. After a couple days of using the twitter site, I decided to reinstall it this morning. At first I was having the errors that I had last time when I upgraded it, (the client wouldn’t launch because it couldn’t open a certain file.) I had to click run as administrator twice before it got the message. Apparently, I’m not running as an administrator all the time like I thought I was, even though I’m using an administrator account. I recreated the twitter session, (you have to make a session in order for it to work,) and put in my credentials. The client retrieved an authentication token from twitter and logged me in without any failures! Before it kept on failing, even though I could sign into the site with the same credentials I was using.

Weekly links for 9/12

Here’s some sites I found this week, by surfing delicious and other places.

  • instapaper OK, this one has been one of my favorites for a long, long time! So, I thought I’d link to it here.
  • LinkWithin I’m thinking of using this one here on the blog.
  • tightURL OK, why am I linking to an URL shortener? I don’t know, just for fun!
  • Jango Like Pandora, but I always found pandora extremely hard to use for me, and I never got it to work. So, this is sort of like that.
  • Youtube instant Remember google instant? Someone made one for youtube. As the story goes, someone from youtube tweeted that person a job offer the day after this was launched.