7 quick takes 2.

I did this a long, long time ago. Just to make a list of 7 quick takes on things. Yeah I know I have Saturday 7! So, guess what? You guys are getting 2 lists this week! Maybe I’ll finally do Thursday 13 again next week? Here it goes.

  1. I changed my blog template yesterday, I hope it isn’t too wide!
  2. I now have 76 friends on facebook.
  3. My parent’s are done laying their new floors.
  4. I’m supposed to go grocery shopping this weekend, but I’m not sure if I’m going to go or not.
  5. I’m still getting used to google instant, I’m finding that if I’m not done typing in time, it just decides to search anyway, or if I want to look through the results and then keep on typing, it still wants to search and then I’m searching for the wrong thing. But it’s still fun!
  6. I took the greetbox thingy off of here after realizing that it ended up in my RSS feed, I lost 4 subscribers.
  7. Have I ever mentioned how much I love blogger stats? I’m sure I have, but I’ll mention it anyway! I love blogger stats!

Via Conversion Diary.

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