All about me survey thingy

I thought I’d do one of these and make it into a blogger page.

Getting To Know You
is your nickname?: Well, between you and me oh wait… never mind. My family calls me boo, I won’t let anyone who isn’t in the family call me that, much
to my sister’s boyfriend’s dismay.
is your sign?: Virgo, and I don’t care.
is your favorite saying?: I have several of them. But I think my most favorite is, “life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”
was your state of birth?: Oregon
is your eye color?: Brown
is your hair color?: Brown
do you have pierced?: I used to have my ears pierced, but not anymore, so… nothing.
do you have tattooed?: nothing
type of clothes do you prefer?: loose and comfortable ones.
is your favorite pastime?: Surfing the web, LOL!
If you were… (who/what would it be?)
a bumper sticker: not sure. Maybe, “go faster!” Or something like that.
an animal: Definitely a bird!
a theme song: born to fly by Sarah evans.
a cookie: most likely, either a sugar cookie or a snickerdoodle.
a Christmas carol: Oh holy night
an alcoholic drink: wine. I’m not sure which kind of wine though.
a Muppets character: Don’t know.
a magazine: Wired
one of the Brady Bunch: Don’t know, never watched it… or maybe I did, I don’t remember.
a holiday: Christmas!
a city: San Francisco!
a soda: pepsi
a super hero: Superman, so I could fly!
a flower: not sure
a crayon: Some kind of blue, just because.
a candy conversation heart: Not sure
a jelly bean: buttered popcorn or toasted marshmallow.
a salad dressing: blue cheese! Because I love it!
a bowl of cereal: life
Have you ever…
played seven minutes in the closet?: what? What’s that?
gone skinny dipping?: When I was little I went skinny dipping once.
smoked cigarettes?: no way!
broken the law? (and got caught): no
played spin the bottle?: I think so, but I don’t remember.
tp’d someone’s house?: No, but some friends and I tp’d a classroom as an April fools joke once.
ran away from home?: The story goes that when I was little, I tried to run away. But no, not in my older years, even when I was a teenager.
skipped school?: no, not even once for senior skip day!
been kicked out of a public place?: no
made a prank phone call?: no
had stitches?: Yep, more than once.
had an operation?: Yep, several of them. I had my tonsils out and my foot operated on to correct severely flat feet.
broken a bone?: no
cheated on a test?: No way!
had a stalker?: Almost, I had someone go to my site like 1000 times a day in 2004, and they would always leave comments but never tell me who they were.
I think they even became friends with me on myspace, that’s until I deleted my myspace account.
played a drinking game?: Yeah, with water! LOL!
made someone cry?: Not on purpose.
cried during a movie?: Yep, a lot.
Do you…
multi-task?: oh yeah! All the time!
speak a foreign language?: no
whistle while you work?: no
talk in your sleep?: I did when I was younger, but not anymore… that I know of.
swear a little/swear a lot?: no, I don’t sware.
drive the speed limit?: LOL, I don’t drive.
snort when you laugh?: No, well I try not to anyway. But I have many times before.
sing in the shower?: yep… a lot!
cry at weddings?: depends on who’s getting married.
eat sushi?: no
dream in color?: no, I dream in words
ride roller coasters?: yeah baby!
What will…?
your famous last words be?: Probably, “have fun!” Because I say that a lot.
you regret not doing?: Lots of things.
you be remembered for most?: Not sure about that one.
you remember forever?: There’s a really, really long list.
heaven be like?: Amazing! We don’t know yet though, do we?
people say when you�re gone?: I don’t know, I don’t plan to be there!
you miss the most?: My family and friends.
This or that…
Summer or Winter: Definitely winter!
Dogs or Cats: dogs
Dr. Pepper or Coke: coke
Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?: half full
Bahamas or Europe: um… I don’t know, I’ve never been to any of those places.
Plane or Automobile: If I had a choice? Definitely a plane!
Waffles or Pancakes: neither
Ice Cream or Cake: Both, but never together!
Kisses or Hugs: hugs
Strawberries or Bananas: strawberries, I only eat bananas one way, and that’s dipped in chocolate! Although frozen bananas would be good, you have to freeze
them to dip them.
Once Upon A Time or Happily Ever After: both
Raisinettes or Goobers: what? What are goobers?
Ketchup or Mustard: neither!
A few words on…
Peanut Butter: It’s really, really good!
Love: It’s the best thing!
IPOD’s: I have one.
Digital Cameras: I don’t have one.
Hate: It’s a strong word.
Religion: I’m a christian.
Ignorance: isn’t bliss.
Bliss: isn’t ignorance
Friends: are really nice to have!
Enemies: aren’t fun to deal with.
Drugs: Are adictive, but I wouldn’t know.
Alcohol: is disgusting… except for wine, which I can tolerate.
Your Family: Is strange sometimes.
Your Kids: I don’t have any.
Socks: Go with shoes.
Shoes: Are a necissary thing.
Dreams: Sometimes come true, and sometimes not.
Happiness: No matter what, there’s mostly always a reason for it.
Pizza: Love it!
Cheeseburgers: love them!
Do you believe in…
what goes around, comes around: yeah, you reap what you sew.
angels: yeah
demons: yep
aliens: no, not really.
soul mates: yeah, for some people.
reincarnation: no way!
love at first sight: No
true love: yeah
luck: Not really
karma: Well, I do believe in the principle, but I don’t call it, “Karma.”
heaven: yeah
hell: yeah
Santa: no, not anymore.
fate: no
everything having a purpose: Yep, everything happens for a reason
miracles: yep
ghosts: no
Getting To Know You Survey found on Bzoink

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