Word association survey.

The Word Association Game

apple: Mac
dog: Cat
chair: couch
mouse: keyboard
fire: flames
whiskey: alcohol
love: hate
hate: love
camera: picture
silver: gold
couch: chair
sky: flying
socks: shoes
soccer: something we don’t do here in the US
panda: bear
razor: blade
blue: sky
leaf: fall
surf: the web
music: singing
fish: swimming
bubble: gum
blanket: pillow
printer: computer
bunk bed: top or bottom
paper: plastic… lol!
magnet: fridge
coffee: tea
train: bus
lamp: light
paint: brush
bored: wasting time
belt: pants
tree: green
lighter: fluid… don’t ask.
goat: sheep
checker: cashier
monkey: the zoo
sorry: I did it.
pants: shirt
windows: Mac
swim: pool
flower: plant
video: YouTube
mistake: oops

wings: flight!
clock: time
lust: is bad
depress: Put down
book: paper
radio: TV
door: lock
stool: chair
fanny pack: purse
white: black
black: white
turn: left
toe: foot
cat: dog
hamster: rat
survey: questions
rain: snow
box: shipping
cord: wire
surprise: party
clean: house
water: park
head: ache
glass: half full
car: driving
roof: Ceiling
beer: disgusting!
muffins: breakfast
scream: yell
lie: truth
fork: spoon
star: moon
dinosaur: extinct.
credit: card
pie: cake
strawberry: fruit
past: future
graffiti: spray paint
paranoia: worry
ink: pen
tape: scotch
trap: door
flamingo: pond
salt: pepper
cards: deck
fly: plane
moon: stars
duck: quack
sea: ocean
money: cash
thread: sewing
ribbon: cutting
cookie: cutter
blade: server… lol!
organ: donor
toilet: paper
puke: spew
anime: cartoons.
hungry: thirsty
run: walk
pogo: plug… wait…
wire: wireless
paper: plastic

cut: scissors
text: message
paste: copy
word: word!
parachute: skydiving, which is much fun!
rat: mouse
doll: baby
hat: cap
dead: alive
pot: pan
map: world
target: Wall Mart
sarcasm: humor
tea: coffee
key: lock
power: water
wet: dry
rabid: bunny
green: trees
switch: flip the…
game: play
feather: bird
cop: speeding
apathy: don’t care.
thyme: wasting
porcupine: quills
base: drums
avenue: street
robots: .txt
dance: ballet
egg: hard boiled
ninja: fighting
sleep: wake
cupcake: cake
glitter: glue
cheese: crackers

obsession: compulsion
marker: permanent
badger: the witness
crop: farm
jacket: coat
cure: disease
post card: travel
fun: times
arrest: jail
dust: cleaning
computer: internet
sin: repentance
door: window
pin: number
pillow: blanket
beans: green
van: floor
wrestle: arm
mango: fruit
electric: car

search: engine
balance: beam
gnome: lawn
taboo: Something that you aren’t supposed to do.
triangle: square
project: deadline
complex: hard
glove: snow
pine cone: pine tree
failure: success
gas: cap
wax: candle
riot: protest
poison: control
eating: food
blank: check
piggy: bank
microwave: oven
mud: puddles
circle: square
racket: noise
pollution: air

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