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Saturday 7 17

7 things I installed on my computer when I set it up last week.

  1. JAWS 11, (my screen reader,) which then turned into 12, because I downloaded and installed it afterwards.
  2. Skype.
  3. Qwitter, (
  4. Miranda, (
  5. Firefox.
  6. MS security esentials.
  7. CCleaner.

My RSS routine.

Some people on twitter were asking me why I had 35 windows open at a time. I gave the short answer, which is that I read google reader in list view, and open the windows that interest me. But here’s the longer answer. I do read google reader in list view, why? Because it’s way more eficient that way. In expanded view, the whole post is showing, if you want to read that post, you have to read it right then and there before going on to the next one. In list view, I can read a bunch of posts way faster, and open just the windows I want to read. When I get up to the limit of windows I have open, (either by counting, or things slowing way, way down,) I start reading. I will either read the posts that are the most interesting to me, the posts that the window has been open the longest, or the shortest ones first, depending on which ones I get to first when I’m switching between, (and counting windows.) Usually if I need to close a bunch of windows really fast, I start with the link posts first, because they’re almost always the shortest, and I can always save them to my instapaper for reading later, (I use instapaper fairly liberally when reading RSS.) Then, after I’ve closed a sufficient amount of windows, I start the process in reader again opening windows. this also depends on how long the feed is, if the feed has 111 items, for instance, (like the one I was reading today,) it will take me multiple rounds to get through it, but if the feed only has about 20-40 items, it should only take one. I know I’m done either by counting items, or getting to familiar items, (ones that I’ve read before.) Then, when I get done with the feed, I look at the windows I have open, and read through all of them. How many windows I have open usually depends on how many posts I find interesting in that feed, or the length of the feed.

Thursday 13 20.

It’s national chocolate day! here’s a list of other days, including national chocolate day. So, because of this, and because it’s almost halloween, here are 13 of my favorite chocolate candies.

  1. Most things from sees candy!
  2. Chocolate creams, as long as they don’t have fruit in the center, I like everything but the fruit or alcohol centers.
  3. Chocolate truffles, again except for the fruit and alcohol ones.
  4. Reese’s cups.
  5. KitKat.
  6. Any kind of fudge.
  7. M&Ms, although I sometimes doubt the purity of them.
  8. Butterfinger.
  9. Hundred grand.
  10. Mr goodbar.
  11. Mounds.
  12. Toblerone, (which are those swis chocolate bars that have triangular sections you break off.
  13. Nestles crunch.

Weekly links for 10/25

I got my new computer set up yesterday! So, I almost forgot to do weekly links! But I managed to remember, so here are a few links.

  • Google safe browsing tool. Check any site for malware before going there. Change the site part at the end of the URL, and it will check any site.
  • ninite Install more than one program at once. I actually did use this yesterday, and it worked pretty well!
  • Feed compare Compare feed burner subscribers of an rss feed to another feed.
  • Mashable lists. I’m a fan of mashable, and a big fan of lists! Here’s a site for just the lists.

Saturday 7 16

7 things I’m looking forward to.

  1. Getting my new system set up! The system came today, so now all there is to do is set everything up.
  2. Doing Na Blo Po Mo again this year.
  3. Thanksgiving.
  4. Decorating the Christmas tree, I always love to do that!
  5. Christmas shopping, love that too!
  6. Baking Christmas cookies, love the cookies.
  7. New years day, not that I do anything, but I like the parade.

Thursday 13 19.

13 quizzes I’ve taken! yep, I actually saved quiz results in a text file to post as a thursday 13 list, originally it was going to be a Saturday 7 list, but for some reason, (I don’t remember why now,) I decided to make it a Thursday 13 list.

  1. You Are Periwinkle

    You’re very intuitive and sensitive. You often know other people better than they know themselves.

    You’re also quite optimistic, and you think well of yourself and others. You know your dreams will come true.

  2. Your Extroversion is Low

    You don’t dislike other people, but being with them often drains you of your energy.

    You need a ton of alone time to stay sane. And you truly enjoy spending time by yourself.

    When you are social, you prefer smaller gatherings with a quiet atmosphere.

    You are the type of person who would feel out of place and uncomfortable at a wild party.

  3. You Are The Introvert

    You are a thoughtful person who could also be described as downright intellectual.

    You enjoy spending time by yourself, and this leads to a lot of thinking.

    You tend to have a few close friends instead of lots of acquaintances. Your bonds with your friends are strong.

    While you may not be outgoing, you are a great conversationalist. You have many interests and as a result, many things to talk about.

  4. You Should Stay Away From White

    You are a welcoming, and friendly person. You appreciate people from all walks of life, and you’re definitely not a snob.

    You are affectionate and kind. You know how to make others feel at ease, and you are naturally warm-hearted.

    The color white sometimes represents a cold sterility, and that’s the exact opposite of who you are.

    You should also stay away from white because it is a bit elite and unfriendly. You like to break down barriers – not build them up!

  5. You Are a Cinnamon Dolce Latte

    You are kind hearted and warm. You provide comfort to those around you.

    You are slightly old school in your approach to life. You think the past had a lot going for it.

    You’re not stuck it the old days though! You like to put a modern twist on your nostalgia.

    You are as sophisticated as you are practical. You don’t pull any punches, but you still have a little flair.

  6. You Should Have Two Kids

    You can definitely manage a small family, and having kids is one of your major goals.

    That being said, having kids is not all you want to do. Two is a perfect number for you!

    You want to make sure your children have the best upbringing possible, but you still want to live a balanced life.

    Having two kids will leave you just enough time and money to do the things you want to do for yourself and your family.

  7. You Are Not Stressed

    You may have some stress in your life, but you’re coping quite well.

    You are able to find balance, and compared to most people, you aren’t stressed out.

    Consider helping out a friend or family member who is experiencing some stress.

    You are in a great position, and better off than almost everyone else in the world.

  8. Your Fall Inspired Name is Ivy Hay

    How delightful!

  9. You Are Pistachio Gelato

    You are quite ambitious. You’re always pushing yourself to see if you can become something better.

    You don’t believe the future is decided for you. You think that you can shape your own destiny.

    You are brave, but it’s only because you’re so confident. You believe you can do anything.

    You feel like the whole world is open to you. You know you’ll do big things.

  10. You Are a Gala Apple

    You are cute and sweet. It’s hard for people to resist your simple charms.

    You are a hybrid of a couple different influences. And you change as you’re life goes on.

    You are sassy and fresh. You have a distinct personality, but you are never too over the top.

    You are the kind of friend that stands the test of time. You are true to those you love, even as times and relationships change.

  11. You Appreciate Life’s Sweetest Moments

    You speak your mind and tell it how it is. You don’t hold back when the truth needs to be told.

    You have an ever chanting personality. You are big on self-improvement and growth. You’re always getting better.

    You are an optimist, and you never give up hope. You’re always seeing the bright side of things.

    You are energetic and downright hyper. All sorts of ideas and opportunities excite you.

  12. You Are a Black Bean

    You are elegant and attractive. You have a natural glow about you.

    You like to keep all things in your life as simple as possible, but you’re definitely not a simple minded person.

    You are very distinct and unique. You definitely stand out in a crowd.

    You are a pretty passionate and fiery person. You have bold tastes and are attracted to other big personalities.

  13. You Are Very Open to Experiences

    You are curious about everything the world has to offer, and you appreciate ideas, art, and culture.

    You are open to being wrong or changing your mind. You try not to let much be set in stone.

    You sometimes have unconventional ideas and beliefs. You aren’t very concerned with what’s mainstream.

    You embrace life’s ambiguities and complexities. Everything doesn’t have to be black or white for you.

Weekly links for 10/18

This is the really, really, really fast edition of weekly links! Why? Because I only found 3 sites I thought were worth linking to this week. Not for lack of trying, though. So, here they are.

  • directions for me. I’ve always wanted something like this! There used to be something called the cooking instructions wiki, I’m not sure if it exists anymore, but this is kind of like that, a site that will list cooking directions and nutrition labels, among other things.
  • bloglovin Call it a really simple rss reader, because that’s what it is.
  • Mashable lists. My search is over! For a long, long time, (like litterally years now,) I’ve been looking for an official list of well… lists! Found them! MakeUseOf also has one too.

Saturday 7 15.

I ordered a new computer yesterday! Only after a year of waiting. So, here are 7 system specs.

  1. Intel core i5 processor at 3.2 GHZ. This system actually would have came with a core i3 processor, but I was able to get a bit higher end one.
  2. 6 GB of ram. It was a 50% off upgrade from 4 gb.
  3. 640 gb hard drive. That was a free upgrade from 500 gb.
  4. 3 year hp warranty, it’s an hp system.
  5. Integrated graphics.
  6. Integrated sound.
  7. I have a monitor and speakers here, so although I really, really want better speakers… because I have crappy ones, I didn’t get any.

Weekly links for 10/11

Sorry for a lack of links last week! I’ll try to link to some extra ones to make up for that.

  • Caringbridge We used this for mom while she was in the hospital, we’re actually still using it. This site lets you make a website for someone who’s having health problems, family and friends can visit and post messages to the guestbook, and read the journal entries.
  • URL X-ray. This site will show you where shortened links take you… without clicking on the link.
  • twitter widget This will show you which twitter user visits your site.
  • Twitterel. Lets you find twitter users with related interests.
  • Shuffler. Streams music from music blogs.
  • Switch it. Lets you see cities that are on the same Latitude as you.
  • Print what you like. I never have to print web pages, but this seems cool! It lets you format the pages so that you don’t have a bunch of ads or empty space in the printout.
  • Get glue Kind of like foursquare for TV shows and things you like, it uses the check-in system.

On our way home.

I’m skipping Saturday 7 today. We’re going to be going home, mom’s being released from the hospital today!