Thursday 13 20.

It’s national chocolate day! here’s a list of other days, including national chocolate day. So, because of this, and because it’s almost halloween, here are 13 of my favorite chocolate candies.

  1. Most things from sees candy!
  2. Chocolate creams, as long as they don’t have fruit in the center, I like everything but the fruit or alcohol centers.
  3. Chocolate truffles, again except for the fruit and alcohol ones.
  4. Reese’s cups.
  5. KitKat.
  6. Any kind of fudge.
  7. M&Ms, although I sometimes doubt the purity of them.
  8. Butterfinger.
  9. Hundred grand.
  10. Mr goodbar.
  11. Mounds.
  12. Toblerone, (which are those swis chocolate bars that have triangular sections you break off.
  13. Nestles crunch.

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