Not weekly links.

I decided I’m not doing weekely links today. I have a bit of a soar throat and headache so I’m hoping I’m not getting sick. For some reason, I didn’t want to make a list today. Maybe I’ll do them tomorrow or the next day. Otherwise, not much else is going on here.

The weekend.

I have really nothing to write about today. I went to church this morning and then came back here. I just finished streaming twit live. Yesterday I didn’t do much either. Friday I went back to my parent’s house to have leftovers and didn’t get to bring any back. Oh well, maybe I’ll get some … [Read more…]

Today and yesterday.

Well, I’m not doing much today. About to stream twit live. But I should be careful while doing that. yesterday while I was sitting in my recliner with twit live on, my UPS died. This means I couldn’t use my phone or the internet. The weird thing was that my computer was still working. My … [Read more…]

Not much.

I went to church today. It was our last session of cleansing streams. So, starting next Sunday we don’t have to be at church for 4 hours anymore. Although I do have fun at church, the 4 hour thing was getting a bit annoying after a while. After church, I came home and had lunch, … [Read more…]

Yep, I forgot.

I was thinking about it all day yesterday, and then I forgot to post. I was trying to decide whether to write a Thursday 13 list of things on my Christmas wishlist, or save it for Saturday 7. I decided to save it for tomorrow. Then I guess I didn’t think of anything else to … [Read more…]


I didn’t do much today. I did chat on skype twice though so now I have a headache. Whenever I wear my headset I get headaches. The lady from the VA called me yesterday, they got my background check back, and she said that they were ready to finish the process. She said they were … [Read more…]

A quick weekly link.

I’m about to head off to go grocery shopping so I’m in a hurry. I wanted to do weekly links, but I don’t have time to surf delicious like I usually do. So here’s one, Lets you know if your flash is current, if it isn’t, then it uses ninite installer to update it.

Today and tomorrow.

We had more church today. This was our last church session for this weekend, but of course we get to go back next weekend! I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow, yay for that! I’m glad I remembered to blog post before I shut the computer down. I actually made instant coffee this morning! I don’t drink … [Read more…]

Our retreat.

I’m skipping Saturday 7 this week, because it’s late at night and I just got home from church and having dinner with family. The retreat started last night, I had prayer for a couple things and felt a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. At the end of the retreat last night they asked … [Read more…]

Retreat day!

Today is the day of the cleansing streams retreat at our church. My friend and I have a chiropractor appointment a couple hours before the retreat. After the appointment she’s bringing me back to her house for a while, because she lives close to the church. We’ll eat at her house and then go to … [Read more…]

Almost forgot… again.

I’m not sure why I’m forgetting all the time this year. Yep I didn’t do weekly links again. I like doing them on the weekend, that’s why. We have our retreat for the bible study at church tomorrow. It goes all weekend. Our family friendds who helped my parent’s lay their ffloors are here this … [Read more…]


Yep, I forgot to do weekly links today… again! I do intend to do them tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to remember! I like doing weekly links on the weekend, but I can’t do them this weekend because of the retreat. I was supposed to have lunch with a friend today, but she called and … [Read more…]

Almost forgot again.

Yep, I almost forgot, and guess who forgot to do weekly links? Yep that would be me! I want to do weekly links on weekends though, that just seems like a better time for those. I’ll try to remember to do those tomorrow. I shut my computer down, but then realized I needed to post … [Read more…]