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Not weekly links.

I decided I’m not doing weekely links today. I have a bit of a soar throat and headache so I’m hoping I’m not getting sick. For some reason, I didn’t want to make a list today. Maybe I’ll do them tomorrow or the next day. Otherwise, not much else is going on here.

The weekend.

I have really nothing to write about today. I went to church this morning and then came back here. I just finished streaming twit live. Yesterday I didn’t do much either. Friday I went back to my parent’s house to have leftovers and didn’t get to bring any back. Oh well, maybe I’ll get some at Christmas! We had lots and lots of people over for thanksgiving. Everyone wanted to see mom after what she went through.

Saturday 7 20.

7 things that were on our thanksgiving dinner table.

  1. Turkey, of course. I’m a big turkey fan!
  2. Stuffing, also a big stuffing fan, although I didn’t used to be.
  3. Ham, we had lots of people this year so we had both turkey and ham.
  4. Broccoli salad, my sister makes this every year, and it’s really, really good!
  5. Mashed potatoes.

  6. Green bean casarole. Love it!
  7. Pickles and olives.
  8. Pie and brownies for dessert, (I brought the brownies, because I don’t eat pie of any kind.)

The day after thanksgiving.

I didn’t get home from my parent’s house at around 9:00 last night, and I didn’t get any leftover so I have to go back tonight. Mom was out shopping when I called her. I would have done some online shopping today, but I have absolutely no idea of what to get anyone. I asked mom to send my sister’s list to me, and she said she would. I was hoping she would send it last night or this morning, so I could shop today.

Thursday 13 21.

First I’d like to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving! I’ll be going to my parent’s later, but I thought I’d take the time to make a list of 13 things I’m thankful for.

  1. All god’s blessings, (there are a lot in my life.)
  2. Everyone at my church.
  3. A loving family.
  4. Really good friends.
  5. My ability to worship although I might not be the best singer in the world.
  6. That I got to move out of my parent’s house, and now I have a place to live.
  7. That I have food to eat.
  8. That I got to bungee jump, skydive and zipline twice, (not all in one time.)
  9. That I was able to get a new computer.
  10. My ability to make lists.
  11. Chocolate.
  12. Early mornings.
  13. My internet connection, that it isn’t capped or slow.

The day before thanksgiving.

My aunt from Maine came in last night, my sister and my mom went to pick her up at the airport. We’re having snowy weather here this week, (yay for that!) I forgot to shut my computer down last night when I went to bed. I need to not forget to do that, because strange things just happened. I was making more tea and when I came back the computer was in standby. When it came out of standby, the fan kicked up really hard, (harder than it ever has before,) it was really loud and I thought it was going to overheat, so I did the standby thing over again and it didn’t do that the 2nd time. I decided a full shutdown was in order, so I shut it down, and then a few minutes later started it up again. Everything seems to work fine now.

Today and yesterday.

Well, I’m not doing much today. About to stream twit live. But I should be careful while doing that. yesterday while I was sitting in my recliner with twit live on, my UPS died. This means I couldn’t use my phone or the internet. The weird thing was that my computer was still working. My landlord came over and we discovered that it’s only the battery backup side, the other side that’s just a surge protector is working fine… for now. I’ll need to get a new UPS at some point in the near future.

Weekly links for 11/22

Here are 3 links for ay.

  • cinch I’m not sure why I haven’t linked to this before, you have to record from either their app or the phone, but I use this for following people’s stuff.
  • minus I have this problem where I need a place to store my pictures so that I can share them wherever I want. Posterous stopped working for me when I accidentally deleted the blogger service and could never reenable it. This seems like a really, really simple site.
  • passplex The site will generate secure passwords for you based on the length and complexity you choose.

Not much.

I went to church today. It was our last session of cleansing streams. So, starting next Sunday we don’t have to be at church for 4 hours anymore. Although I do have fun at church, the 4 hour thing was getting a bit annoying after a while. After church, I came home and had lunch, and streamed twit live.

Saturday 7 19.

7 things on my Christmas wishlist, that I finished in a hurry last week.

  1. gift card, I still have a little bit left from last year, like $11.
  2. gift certificate. I love, and when I realized they did gift certificates, I was like I want this for Christmas!
  3. Non-slip mat for my shower. My shower isn’t textured or anything, so it’s really easy to slip.
  4. Floor fan, mine’s somewhat broken. Mom just told me they don’t call them floor fans, um… what?
  5. Fleece blanket for my bed, I have a weird somewhat hard one on there now.
  6. Christmas cookie cutters, every year a friend and I make Christmas cookies, but I only have 4 cookie cutters.
  7. Ab lounger, that’s my biggest thing on the list this year.

Those are just some of the things on my list! The list actually goes to 23 things this year because I finished it way too fast and then realized there were some additions.