The last time…

A question from that’s my answerWhen was the last time you got a new wallet? I got a new wallet 4 and a half years ago, when I moved out of my parent’s house. But I got a new fanny pack last year, and it doesn’t have room for the wallet. So, everything just goes … [Read more…]

Nope, I didn’t forget…

Of course I didn’t forget to blog post today, but that isn’t actually what I mean by the title. I didn’t forget to watch the state of the union last night! I usually make a tridition out of forgetting, but I can’t remember if I forgot last year or not. I decided I’d do my … [Read more…]

Quick little post.

Not doing much of anything interesting today. Has anyone ever had someone follow them on twitter, and you end up thinking it’s someone else? I had that happen today, it was very interesting and very, very strange! It’s even stranger because the account that I thought was following me at first well… um… doesn’t follow … [Read more…]

Skipping Saturday 7.

I’m visiting my grandma right now. I didn’t get the laptop set up until like an hour ago, I just now realized that I needed to blog post. I have absolutely nothing, (right off hand,) to write a list about. I’m sure I’ll think of something next weekend though! I think I’m going to be … [Read more…]

I love my internet!

For those who don’t know, I have internet with qwest. I get 7 megabits per second down, and I don’t remember how many up. I’m sure it’s close to 7 though, because earlier I was downloading something and streaming twit live, at the same time! OK, so the download wasn’t exactly going all that fast … [Read more…]


yep, I’m calling this post, “things.” Because I said on twitter to my friend Mark that I might do such a thing today, so now I’m doing it. I talked to my friend from church about problems she’s having with a neighbor’s dog. We started talking about dreams, we’ve both had some strange ones! I’ve … [Read more…]


Not much went on today. So this is one of those days where I don’t have much stuff to write about. We’re going back up to visit my grandma next weekend, I’m excited because where we’re going has a sees candy. I didn’t bring my gift certificate that I got for Christmas with me on … [Read more…]


I forgot to blog post yesterday! Yay for that! I hope I don’t do that again, (this month at least.) Although I could end up doing it tomorrow, I’m going out of town for the day, and I have no idea when I’ll get back. My grandma is having surgery. I hope to be back … [Read more…]

A quick one.

I just got back from a friend’s house where we watched the national college championship football game. I’m about to go off to bed but just to show that I didn’t forget to post, here’s a quick one. OK I’m clicking publish now.