From the future to the past… or maybe the past to the future? Otherwise known as I’m taking one back!

So apparently, for some strange and completely unknown reason, I must like getting up at 1 AM. It’s 1:10, and I’m posting this because I realized that I forgot to post yesterday, and since we’re only a couple hours away from yesterday, I’ll back-date it and call it good! I was up at 1 AM … [Read more…]


I have a doctor’s appointment today. Mom is going with me, to talk to the doctor about me having an aneurism test, which her neuro surgin recommended. Otherwise, this will be just the normal checkup that my doctor insists I have every 6 months. Although he’ll probably insist I have lab tests done too, which … [Read more…]

yet again…

Um, why didn’t I blog post when I thought about it yesterday? Because I did think about it, but then I forgot. But I also forgot to shut the system down last night. I just got back from the VA, paratransit was very late, and then we had to pick up someone else on the … [Read more…]

Weekly links for 2/20

Only 3 links today, because I didn’t find a 4th one. pollowers Polls for twitter. It’s in beta, but betas are fun right? So you don’t miss any links in your twitter timeline. Publish really simple text-based web pages. This looks like it would be fun, and fast.

The 2nd day.

I had my 2nd day at the VA today. I started typing up meeting minutes, well I started and didn’t get finished. I was transcribing the minutes from a recording of the meeting. Paratransit almost didn’t run today, because we had snow this morning. But the roads were fine, they were just wet. I ask … [Read more…]


Today I went to the chiropractor. I didn’t do much else, but when I came home, I slept. I usually sleep for a while after getting adjusted. I’m going back to the VA tomorrow. I should be able to use the computer, since they got it fixed on Thursday. I just got done watching Jeopardy, … [Read more…]

Intresting day.

So today I had my first day at the VA. We had a lot of computer issues, (as in, stop errors,) so I ended up laminating and folding brochures. They did get the computer fixed eventually, about a half hour before I had to leave. Tomorrow, I get to go to the chiropractor, with the … [Read more…]

Not much.

Not much went on here today. I didn’t wake up with a headache for the first time in like 3 days. Last night, my family and I drove to the nearest olive garden to have dinner. Then mom and my sister went shopping, and dad and I didn’t go in. Tomorrow, I start at the … [Read more…]

Skipping Saturday 7.

I’m skipping Saturday 7 today, because I have one of those really bad headaches again. I can’t exactly think of anything to write a list about. I’ll be doing weekly links tomorrow though, and I’ll do Saturday 7 again next week.


I forgot to blog post yesterday! I was going to try not to forget this month, since I deliberately skipped Sunday’s post, but that didn’t happen. I guess the tridition continues, I’ll forget to post once a month, whether or not I skip posts. When I go to the retreat in March, I’ll have to … [Read more…]


I got my last piece of equipment for the VA today. I’ve also made the decision to do an extended edition of weekly links next week. For some reason I just don’t feel like doing them this week. My headache that I’ve had since Sunday continues. I wish it would go away, and I’ve been … [Read more…]

Skipping weekly links.

Yeah, I skipped weekly links yesterday, too. Well not just weekly links, I skipped the blog post altogether. I didn’t get home until around 8:30 last night. I did have fun, and I enjoyed being with my friend, (we ate all day.) But in retrospect, I should have said no when she asked me to … [Read more…]