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Yahoo says they want to kill myBlogLog.

This will be a pretty different post today, but I’ve decided to participate in this Bloggers unite event. I’ve never used MyBlogLog before, but… well… I want to, one day. Blog Catalog, (which is a sort of similar site to MyBlogLog,) has offered to take it over , and keep developing it, (apparently it hasn’t changed much for like 4 years, since Yahoo bought it in 2007.) Now if you remember Yahoo also decided they would like to kill Delicious, although they haven’t yet, I wrote a weekly links post of delicious alternatives, and linked to a couple articles, it’s right here. Unlike saying it would maybe kill delicious one day, Yahoo says on the MyBlogLog site that it will be shut down on May 24th That page is right here. Like I said, I’ve wanted to use MyBlogLog for a while, but um… it’s a Yahoo site, to use it, I actually would have to sign up for a Yahoo account, which I don’t have because well… we just don’t get along. So, maybe I’ll join and put the widget on here, just for kicks. Here are a couple more links:

So, there ya go my disorganized thoughts on the situation.

A day at the office.

I went to the VA this morning, after having not been there for almost 3 weeks. Let’s just say it was an interesting day. First, the computer decided to crash after bringing up outlook. Then I was going to do cold calls, but there was a slight problem… um… the phone wouldn’t work! So I had to wait for a guy to come and fix the phone, but apparently it was beyond fixing, because he went to get another phone. Then I made 3 calls without anyone answering, they pretty much all went to messages, etc. Then this lady was trying to show me some reports in excel that she wanted me to work with, but… um… I didn’t have access to the folder, and I ended up leaving without having access! Yep, it was most definitely a strange day. I absolutely love this audio file that my friend Mark did about 4 months ago, it’s still really, really funny, and it’s a perfect description of my day at the VA. this is how everything breaks!
Oh yeah, my ankle seems to be OK from my little incident at church on Sunday, it was sure a weird little incident, but stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Skipping weekly links.

I’m skipping weekly links because I don’t have any, I actually probably only had one, because I forgot what the 2nd one was going to be. I’ll try to get all my stuff together next week, and post them. I’m in the process of switching everything over to pinboard; actually I sort of maybe haven’t started. Well technically I’ve started by saving all my 1r7 bookmarks to instapaper, but I haven’t done the other part yet, which is to set up the “save to pinboard feature,” and click like about 500 times, so everything will go to pinboard. I did however; decide to turn 1 massive twitter list into 2 twitter lists. I had so many people in my tweets to read first list, that… well… I wasn’t seeing all their tweets! I think 2 lists should maybe fix that.

This or that question.

Another question from that’s my answer
Ear buds or headphones? Well, they both give me headaches, which is annoying. I like ear buds though, because I can wear 1, and still talk to people at the same time. I’m not a huge fan of headphones, because of the pressure that they put on my head. Something happened today that doesn’t usually happen, I tripped when I was coming out of church, and I twisted my ankle. I did elevated it and put ice on it when I came home, and it’s definitely better than it was earlier.

Saturday 7 33.

Just for fun, 7 random things.

  1. I have a pretty bad headache right now.
  2. I guess I can’t take Tylenol PM, because that’s where the headache came from, I took 1 last night.
  3. I just lost my internet connection for about an hour, my main thought was, what if I don’t have internet at all today? then I won’t be able to blog post! I came back from eating lunch, and didn’t have internet.
  4. I signed up for pinboard yesterday, and it was only $9.28, but when I looked at it a couple months ago, I thought I remember it costing more.
  5. Pinboard and instapaper are integrated with each other, so all I have to do is save my 1r7 bookmarks to instapaper, click that I like them, and they’ll be saved to pinboard… that is if I remember to check the save to pinboard checkbox.
  6. I don’t have any bookmarks in my pinboard account yet, so I don’t have any links gathered for weekly links, but I have a couple ideas.
  7. I published this and then realized I only had 6 things, so here’s a 7th one… LOL!


After waiting a week 9 days, I finally got my test results today. Everything’s fine, and I have no aneurisms whatsoever. I thought so, because they definitely weren’t in a big hurry to call me. Actually, I had to call them, then wait for them to call me back again. Other than that, not too much went on here today. Oh and I don’t have a headache, yay for not having headaches!

Answering a question.

A question from that’s my answer
Would you ever get rid of your landline? I have both a landline, and a cell phone, so I’ve been asked this question, and I’ve wondered if it might be cheaper to get rid of the landline. There’s one catch, however, my internet is DSL, and I think it’s the best internet ever! If I were to get rid of my landline, I’d still have to pay for a data line, which I’m not sure would be cheaper, although I’m not paying for phone service. I’d still have to pay for a cell phone, however, and depending on how many minutes I’d need, (keeping in mind that this would be my primary phone.) I’ve actually thought about doing this, and getting on my families’ plan, but I think I’ll stick with the landline for a while. I use my landline for all local calls, and my cell phone for all long-distance ones.

Tweaking the blog just a bit.

I took 3 things off the blog just now. My feed, because I don’t use it anymore, the search thingy, because there’s one in the navbar at the top, and the contributors thingy, because I only have one contributor and well… we both know who that is. I still want to put an email subscription widget on, and maybe add a feed count widget… although I don’t have many subscribers. Oh yeah, in other news, I got an email from my supervisor, I’ll be going back to the VA next week!

I was going to, but then I didn’t.

Go into the VA, that is. I got up this morning and took a shower; I was just about to get dressed when I got the call. This was about 15 minutes before I had to leave, no less. I don’t usually get dressed right after I get out of the shower, I’m usually still in pajamas, I come back out here and eat and do whatever until right up to like 15-20 minutes before it’s time to leave. So, in the middle of getting dressed, I had to run for the phone. I thought it was probably someone from the VA, but I wasn’t sure. Needless to say um, well… it was. If they would have called 10/15 minutes later, I would have been either leaving or gone. After they called, I called to cancel my paratransit trips this week, nope, they don’t need me at all this week. LOL, it was a pretty interesting morning!

Weekly links for 3/21.

Here are some cool links I found.

  • the friend mail Facebook updates via email. I sometimes forget to check Facebook, (although I’m trying to be better about this,) so I could probably use this.
  • backupify Back-up twitter, blogger, Facebook etc. with this service. I’ve actually used this for a while now, and I know it works. I think you have to pay for this, but I got in when they were doing a free for life deal.
  • similar site search Find sites that are similar to your favorites.
  • DVDLater Save movies in theaters to your Netflix queue, (otherwise known as the Netflix list thingy.) I don’t use Netflix, but I think this is a cool concept.