A day at the office.

I went to the VA this morning, after having not been there for almost 3 weeks. Let’s just say it was an interesting day. First, the computer decided to crash after bringing up outlook. Then I was going to do cold calls, but there was a slight problem… um… the phone wouldn’t work! So I … [Read more…]

This or that question.

Another question from that’s my answerEar buds or headphones? Well, they both give me headaches, which is annoying. I like ear buds though, because I can wear 1, and still talk to people at the same time. I’m not a huge fan of headphones, because of the pressure that they put on my head. Something … [Read more…]


After waiting a week 9 days, I finally got my test results today. Everything’s fine, and I have no aneurisms whatsoever. I thought so, because they definitely weren’t in a big hurry to call me. Actually, I had to call them, then wait for them to call me back again. Other than that, not too … [Read more…]

Answering a question.

A question from that’s my answerWould you ever get rid of your landline? I have both a landline, and a cell phone, so I’ve been asked this question, and I’ve wondered if it might be cheaper to get rid of the landline. There’s one catch, however, my internet is DSL, and I think it’s the … [Read more…]

A random question.

I had absolutely no idea what to post about, (some days that does actually happen.) So I found this question.Have you ever had a professional massage before? Did you like it? Yep, I’ve had a couple, and I did like them. I actually wouldn’t mind having another one… lol! I’ve also had a facial before, … [Read more…]

Not much.

Not much went on here today. I didn’t go to the VA, I had the week off. I’ve had a headache all day, so I haven’t really done anything. I got up late today, hopefully I can get up earlier tomorrow!

My test.

I had my aneurism test done today, I had an MRI. Although the technician almost did the wrong test, she said she’d have to start an IV, I asked her what it was for. She started to say something completely different, I was like wait… I’m being tested for aneurisms! She read the report wrong, … [Read more…]

Answering a question

Daylight savings: Do you prefer to spring forward or to fall back? Neither, I don’t like daylight savings. It would just be a lot easier if we didn’t have to have a time change, otherwise known as why not extend either standard or daylight time so that it just goes all year? That would be … [Read more…]

Back from my trip!

I got back from retreat safely, which I’m very glad for! I did pretty much everything I listed yesterday, except we didn’t hit the candy store. We were going to do that when we left today, but it was raining, and the wind was blowing really, really hard, so we decided to come straight home. … [Read more…]