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Putting off weekly links.

I’m about to leave to go have dinner at my parent’s house, and I know I’m not going to want to post weekly links when I get back. So, I’ve decided to put them off until tomorrow. Besides there’s the fact that well… I only have 2 links ready! We’re having fried chicken and potato salad, and I’m looking forward to it! Dad called me about 45 minutes ago and asked me if I wanted to come for dinner, and when I asked what we were having and he told me, I couldn’t say no!

Answering a question.

It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, do you have any plans? I have no plans for this weekend, which is now just tomorrow, I don’t usually make plans for Memorial Day. Although I did have fun at church today, I got to sit in while the worship team practiced, because they always practice before service, but I never usually go early enough to be there for it. We had the service, then we had a barbicue afterwards, (this is a tridition we have for this weekend.)
Via that’s my answer

Saturday 7 40.

7 random things.

  1. We have one service at church tomorrow, at 10:00, it’s our memorial day service, (yep we have one.)
  2. I’ll be going to church with my friend who I went on retreat with, and she’s on the worship team, so I get to go early! I think we’re leaving at about 8:30.
  3. Speaking of my friend I went on retreat with, she’s asked me to share my testimony at her new job, I’ve already started writing it, but I think she’s actually going to ask me questions.
  4. I don’t have any plans for Monday as of yet.
  5. I’m also not even close to ready for weekly links yet, I don’t have any links gathered for next week, I guess I know what I’ll be doing Monday!
  6. I’ve had a headache every day this week, time to go to the Chiropractor!
  7. I actually woke up at 3:45 this morning, took a Tylenol PM, then went back to bed and got up at about 6:30.

Yesterday at the VA.

So my day was pretty uneventful yesterday, I folded and stuffed envelopes until it was time to leave. Paratransit was late picking me up, (again,) because they sent the driver on another pickup before me. When it was time to leave, the driver, the lady that was riding with us that day for training, and I were getting ready to take the elivator down to the 1st floor. we got in the elivator and waited for it to start moving, but it never went anywhere. The door closed, but it just stayed right where it was. I’ve never been stuck in an elivator before, so it was kind of interesting. The driver pushed the button to go back up, and after a few minutes, the door finally opened. I’m not claustrophobic, so it didn’t really bother me, but both the driver and the lady who was with us were starting to panick.

Thursday 2 questions.

1) Which browser do you use? I mainly use IE, and sometime firefox. IE for most things, and firefox for opening twitter links.
2) What makes this browser more preferable?
Nothing really, I like both, but they’re mostly the same anyway
Via Thursday 2 questions
I went to the VA today, and stayed all 3 hours. I finished the folding, and was stuffing envelopes when I left.

Lack of survey.

So I was actually going to do the next best thing to doing Thursday 13, (seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever come up with a list of 13 things on command again,) and find a survey to post. I didn’t find one, (um… that’s why I’m posting this.) I also didn’t find any good questions that would make for a survey on formspring. As soon as I find a survey I like, I’ll post it! The pizza was good last night, I’m glad I orderd it. The 4 hour wait for an eastern to pacific time conversion that just doesn’t make any sort of sense at all though, well… that wasn’t fun! Seriously, 9 eastern doesn’t equal 10 pacific, but PBS thinks it does. 9 eastern could equal 9 pacific, (I’ve seen that one before,) but yeah. I ended up doing my 750 words for yesterday, blog posting, eating dinner and leaving comments during that time. I was having comment issues with blogger though, so I didn’t get very far with that.

Pizza night.

I’ve decided that I’m ordering pizza tonight for dinner. this came out of my time at the VA today. I was folding brochures, (actually they’re letters,) and I was thinking about stuff I would be doing when I got home. One of the things includes watching the frontline episode, (frontline the PBS documentary, not the flee killer.) here’s a link to the page for the episode. Anyway, my very next thought was, “pizza sounds good!” Yeah, that was random, that’s what I thought too, as it was happening! I guess that’s what I get for letting my thoughts wander while at the VA. I actually worked on 2 things while I was there today, my weekly project, and the folding. I didn’t get the folding finished, so most likely I’ll be finishing it on Thursday.

Weekly links for 5/23

Every week, I gather up a few links that look interesting to me, and post them here, just for fun! So, here are the links.

A random question.

So once in a while I like to pick a question from that’s my answer So, here’s the question.
Who makes the coffee in your house? I actually don’t drink coffee very often, I quit in 2007. I switched to drinking tea. Since I’m the only person in the house, naturally I make the tea. I put water in the microwave, and make a single cupt. I like strong tea, so I let it steep for about an hour. When it gets done, I have a cup warmer next to my desk that I set it on to keep it hot. I’m not a fan of iced tea, so I don’t drink it in the summer.

Saturday 7 39

OK, I guess I was having comment link issues earlier. I reverted my template back to default, and then upgraded it again, I then added back the IComLeavWe widget, and didn’t have the problems I had while adding it yesterday. Hopefully everything works, and the comment links are still working, (they were working earlier.) OK, I guess I should probably get to making the list now! I’m actually going to follow the prompt I posted on Saturday 7, and make a list of 7 things I’m looking forward to for summer.

  1. Swimming, I’m a big fan of water, and that includes swimming in it!
  2. Air conditioners, speaking of which mine is working, and I’ve actually been using it today.
  3. Wearing shorts and Tshirts.
  4. Summer food, (ice cream is always better in the summer,) and so are hamburgers and potato salad, for some reason!
  5. Camping, I’m sure I’ll be going at least once this summer.
  6. A potluck that my friend, (who I went on retreat with,) is throwing for her daughter’s wedding, I’ve already decided what I’ll be bringing!
  7. 4th of July, because fireworks are fun, (from afar, of course!)