Thursday 2 questions.

Yeah, I don’t usually do questions right in a row, but I’m still a bit sick, so this is what I’m going to do. I do feel better than I yesterday though, so I’m hoping that by tomorrow, everything will be fine.
1) How many browsers do you installed on your computer? I have 3, because I installed Google Chrome on monday night, (I think.) I have Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE, (I don’t use all 3 of them of course.)

2) Do you think Blogger has improved since their last crash, or is it getting more frustrating for us?
Blogger is fine, since they were doing scheduled maintenance, then it turned into an unscheduled crash, there wasn’t anything to improve there. I do have one issue with following, I can’t use the navbar to follow anyone anymore, (I have to use the followers widget,) and another issue with removing page elements that well… just won’t remove themselves when they’re supposed to. The following issue is probably blogger, but the page element issue could be something I’m doing wrong.
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