Last hour!

We’re entering the last hour of our 24 hour adventure! So, I’m going to post now, then at 5:30, then again at 6. Why am I doing it this way? Because I want to post questions, then take some quizzes something I haven’t done for the whole time but want to do because they’re fun! … [Read more…]

listyness again!

Blame twitter for this here post being a little late. My AC is still on, keeping me cool and awake. I plan to answer more questions in the next post. There’s less than an hour and a half left! blogging for: CaringBridgeclick to donate

questions again!

Let’s go back to questions, just for fun!How many glasses of water do you drink each day? I have water bottles in my fridge and I drink a lot of water every day, but I’m not sure how many glasses exactly.Do you take compliments well? Well I try, but I’m not the most social person! … [Read more…]

I gave it a rest.

Because windows were starting to act wonky beyond repair, I shut my computer down and started it back up again after a couple minutes. OK, here’s a list just for fun! I’ve achieved coffee! While my computer was shut down for a couple minutes I had a chance to take a few long sips, it … [Read more…]

On my birthday…

OK, so here’s another listy thingy:List some things that you would like to do on your next birthday. Go back to SF, that would be the ultimate birthday gift for me! do something extreme again, although that might have to wait a couple years until I’m 30. For my 17th birthday, (don’t tell anyone OK?) … [Read more…]

Oh… never mind…

Gmail is just not cooperating with me! I’m wondering if the one I’m trying to send is too big or something, I’ve restarted and everything, but yeah. Maybe I’m doing something wrong that I’m not realizing… If I can upload them somewhere and post a link you’ll get them, if not well… maybe sometime next … [Read more…]

another list.

OK, what’s my favorite thing to do right now? make lists apparently! I like making lists anyway, so here comes another one. I just turned on the TV to watch 48 hours mysteries. I think I might publish the rest of the pictures of me doing the happy dance in the next post. Then, I’ll … [Read more…]

A question/list.

Name 5 things in your freezer. Ice cream. Ice cream bars. 2 leftover chocolate covered bananas. Hamburger buns. Hotdogs. Bacon. Cheese, (I freeze my cheese it lasts longer that way.) Frozen dinners. Those are just the things I could remember or tell right away from both freezers, I have both a chest freezer and a … [Read more…]