I had fun today!

So yeah I skipped Saturday 7 yesterday, then I was going to do it today, (well, a Sunday version of it, because I’ve actually done that once before.) I didn’t realize I’d be gone all day today, after church my friend and I went to the lake for a picnic with her husband, his brother, his wife and a couple of their friends. My friend’s husband and his brother both have boats, one is a raft, and the other is a pontoon boat. My friend’s husband took me out in his brother’s raft, with a rope attached from the raft to the pontoon boat. This way, I could row, but no one was in the boat with me. My friend said she took some good pictures, so I’m hoping to put those on facebook soon, and if she emails them to me, maybe I’ll post a few this way, (if I remember.) Tomorrow I get to go to a 4th of July barbicue at her house, (which should also be much fun!)

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