I missed it!

So I was actually going to get up early today, to watch the last shuttle launch. I didn’t end up getting up until about 7:30 though, and I completely forgot the reason why I was getting up early in the first place. I actually wasn’t sure what time it was supposed to launch, but the TV coverage started at 7, so I thought I’d be up before then! Of course, I didn’t remember why I wanted to get up early, until I was sitting in the chiropractor’s office! Why is it that I seem to remember things while I’m sitting there, waiting for my turn to be adjusted? After that my friend and I came back here to make chocolate covered bananas, I got like 5 bananas that were perfect, then the chocolate started to thicken. My friend resorted to spreading the chocolate over the bananas, and then putting them in the freezer, we were dipping them first. I was dipping them in and holding them up in the chocolate, and she was making sure they were semi-evenly coated. Then we went on facebook to look at pictures, I got all the ones I want to post, and will probably post them sometime over the weekend. About 6 hours later, the bananas turned out pretty well, they’re mostly solidified, we used hershey bars, instead of baking/melting chocolate, or chocolate chips. I can’t wait to try one!

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