The nuts online order of epic proportions!

So I absolutely love nuts online, and apparently, I love them enough to spend $64! Because that’s what I just did! OK OK, everything is by the pound, and yep… I probably went a bit crazy, (I ended up getting 10 items!) I’ve been wanting to do an order from there for a while, and I had a long list, so yeah, that’s why I got 10 items. I could make the list and tell everyone what I got, and I might do that tomorrow, or some other time. I did get 3 things that could melt while in transit, and no, I definitely didn’t pay an extra $42 for them to ship second day air… because that would just be ridiculous! I just did regular, UPS ground shipping with heat resistant packaging. I’ve wanted to make a trip to the candy store for a while, (like I did last year around this time,) but instead, I just went to the online candy store, which although not as fun at the time, works just as well.

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