OK, it’s time to make that list!

I just received my package from NutsOnline about an hour ago, so it’s time to make the list of what I ordered.

  1. strawberry sour straws.
  2. Green apple sour straws.
  3. Peach rings.
  4. Apple rings.
  5. Ultimate malted milk balls, these are covered in white, dark and milk chocolate, and they sounded good, so hopefully they will be!
  6. Chocolate covered gummy bear clusters, like the ones I had on my trip to SF in 2009, they come in a cluster instead of individual ones. The only problem with these is that the bag came open in shipping.
  7. Peanut butter malted milk balls, they’re covered in peanut butter instead of chocolate, again these just sounded good.
  8. Jolly ranchers, as in the assorted kind.
  9. Airheads.
  10. Blue raspberry rings.

The package arrived in perfect condition, making me a very happy UPS 3 day select customer! With the exception of one thing coming open, everything was fine, nothing was melted at all!

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