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I went to the VA today, and stayed for almost the whole time. I did my weekly project, and then did the laminating that they had for me. The laminator was really, really slow, so it took me a lot longer than I thought it would. I don’t really mind laminating; there were a couple people in the office while I was doing it, and so I got to talk to them. I thought I was going to get burnt at the end, because the laminator was really, really hot! It was hard to tell when the sheets were done, so I’d put my fingers really close to them, when they stopped moving, they were done. I asked what the sheets were for, and one of the people in the office where I was working, (I couldn’t work at my desk because the laminator wouldn’t fit on it,) said that it was on a “need to know basis.” That prompted me to ask the obvious question “is this classified information?”

A question and a couple more things.

First a question.

How do you like your coffee? When I drink coffee, I like it black, and somewhat strong. I don’t like weak coffee, which is the way my dad likes it.

Via that’s my answer

OK, now the other things. I’ll be posting weekly links on Wednesday. That’s the day I posted them last week, so that’s the day I’m going to start posting them on, (barring any unforeseen circumstances.) The other thing? Oh, it’s a twitter hashtag, #wlfind. So what is it, you might ask? Well, here is a fairly good explanation of it. To make a long story short, it’s a hashtag that’s being used for people searching through wikileaks recent release of diplomatic cables, (otherwise known as reports from US embassies around the world.) Since this latest release has been happening, I’ve read a few cables. They’re actually quite interesting, and surprisingly short. Short as in, the documents themselves, (or at least the ones I’ve read,) aren’t all that long.


So to actually tell this story, I have to start on Friday night. When I was at dinner with my family for my birthday, I asked them if they were coming to set up my TV that night. They said that dad would be coming to set it up. I told him he could come tomorrow, or even Sunday after I got back from church, but I asked him to please come set it up before he left to go to work. He’s still working out of town, about 3 hours away from here. I called mom twice yesterday to see when dad was coming over, and she didn’t answer. Then the third time I called her, I asked her what she was doing, and she said, “coming to your house.” If I wouldn’t have called them, they would have just dropped in unannounced. There are certain things I have to do before they come over, (dumping the AC bucket happened to be one of them this time.) My dad is usually pretty easy-going, and he doesn’t really care about everything being perfect, but mom and my sister do. Not only did dad proceed to set up the TV, (and that was totally fine, and exactly what he came to do,) but mom decided that now was the time to move all the furniture in my apartment. She was complaining while she was doing that, because things weren’t done in the way that she deems 100% perfect. She just had to change things on my walls too, (not that it matters to me, or that I care at all about what’s hanging on my walls, and I really, really don’t care! But the fact that she decided to rearrange the furniture just because she deemed it necessary, without asking or even caring about what anyone else thinks, (including and especially my dad!) is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve experienced in a while! So Basically, by having mom and my sister there, a situation that would have been completely good was ruined. This is why I don’t like my parent’s coming over very often, because mom thinks she has to fix something every time she’s here, to get it just to her liking.

The last Saturday 7.

So here are 7 reasons why I’m ending Saturday 7.

  1. Little participation, there are some list memes out there that have really taken off, but Saturday 7 isn’t one of those.
  2. There are times I just forget to make the list until late at night, then I end up skipping it, because I don’t feel like doing it at that point.
  3. There are times I’m completely uninspired and have no idea what to make a list of 7 things about, or even come up with 7 things.
  4. I’m running out of prompt ideas for the Saturday 7 blog.
  5. Sometimes participating in someoen else’s meme is more fun, with Saturday 7, I felt like since I was already doing that, I couldn’t really do anything else, except answer questions.
  6. It became one of those things that I just had to do every week, it almost became post the same thing every week, because I have no idea what to post.
  7. It’s been a year and a couple months, and it’s the right time.

My birthday dinner.

So I just got back from my birthday dinner with my family. They got me a 32 inch flat screen TV! My CRT TV is small, but it takes up lots of space. Now I can do away with that, and most likely I’ll have the TV hanging on the wall, because I’m not sure if it will stand on the BUREAU. It might, but if it’s as thin as I think it is, there won’t be a way for it to stand on something. But then again some flat screens have that, so I guess I’ll find out. I asked mom if she knew if it had good speakers, she didn’t know. Some flat screens, (like the one at my paren’ts house,) don’t have very good speakers. I’m hoping this one will be better quality, but if I need to get a couple extra speakers to plug in, well I guess I’ll have to add that to the list.

The official and obligatory birthday post!

So, this is it, today’s the day. It’s my birthday! I turn 28 today, and I’m not really looking forward to getting older. I’m also not doing much today, I went to lunch with my friend earlier, because I had the free birthday coupon from Red robbin. I’m not going out to dinner with my family until tomorrow night, because dad’s still working out of town. It’s like it really shouldn’t be my birthday, because I’m not doing anything extreme or adventurous, or anything at all, for that matter. mom wants a skydive for her birthday, (or that’s what she said while we were camping, anyway.) If she’s going to go skydiving, then I just have to go! I asked my sister if she wanted to go, and she said yes, but she doesn’t want to pay for it. So dad and I will probably end up paying $450 for all 3 of us to go skydiving. I asked dad if he wanted to go, and he said no. but he said he would help me pay for it, none-the-less. So I’m looking forward to going skydiving, to celebrate mom’s birthday next month, but also to celebrate mine and my sister’s birthdays. Oh yeah, I made my own cake! So I have a cake that I like instead of mom getting me one, and completely messing up the instructions.

Weekly links for 8/24

This is the disappearing edition of weekly links. I thought I had 3 links, but it actually turns out I had one. One is just a browser extension for Google Chrome, and the other one seems to be nonexistent. So here it is, and it isn’t a very interesting one for most people, but I like it so I’m posting it. launch it now It’s a startup launch page thingy, I like startup launch page thingies, because wherever those are, startups seem to be. So yeah, that’s my link for this week.

Delaying weekly links again.

I’m about to leave to go to a concert at my church. I was actually going to try and post weekely links earlier, but I really wasn’t sure if I’d be going or not. It turns out I am, so I’m not doing weekly links today. Will try to get to them tomorrow. I spent about an hour at the VA today, after I finished my weekly project, there was nothing else to do. By the time I got home, it was after 10. My supervisor said she’d have some laminating for me to do next week, and I was like yay, coolness! laminating is fun! Laminating is actually kind of fun. I’m not sure what’s so fun about it, but I get to sit there while the machine burns the laminating sheet to the paper.

Ending Saturday 7.

So I’ve decided to end Saturday 7, I’m going to do one last list on Saturday, and then call it good. There are other list-making memes out there, I wasn’t the first, and I probably won’t be the last. There’s even one called Sunday 7, although that used to be a answer the questions thing, but now it’s turned into a listing thing. I think I’ll either participate in 7 quick takes, or top 10 Tuesday, or maybe Thursday 13. I’ll probably try a few of these, just to see which one I like. I liked doing Thursday 13, but couldn’t do it and Saturday 7, so maybe I’ll start doing that again. I have several followers on the Saturday 7 blog, but I’ve had very little participation. I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t do a good job with promotion or what, but that’s what happened. As for the blog, I plan to post one last post on Saturday, keep it up for a couple weeks or so, and then delete it. There really isn’t anything important there that I absolutely need to keep. I love making lists, and I loved the idea of Saturday 7, but there are other memes out there that do exactly the same thing, and actually have participants. I’d like to thank the couple people who did participate, they’re what kept the meme going when I thought about giving it up the first time.

PS, I’ll post weekly links tomorrow, I think I actually do have a couple of links.

I’m back.

I got back from my camping trip earlier today, (like around 12.) I had to ask Mark to post on the blog, because I didn’t have time to schedule a post. Just after I hit publish, dad called and said that he was coming to get me. So I had no time for anything else. The rafting trip was fun! I didn’t jump in the water this year, it was pretty fast. So fast that when we stopped to eat lunch, both dad and I were in the water, and it started taking dad downstream, he then decided that it would be a good thing to grab me, but I was also starting to go downstream. Somehow I finally sidestepped and got out of the water, (my feet were sinking in the sand.) The last rapid was hilarious! The guy at the place where we rented the raft said there was a 7 foot wall of water, and he wasn’t kidding! I think we took on more water than we’ve ever had in our raft. I’m actually kind of glad I’m back. Then again, I should be glad we got there safely in the first place. One of the slideouts in my parent’s trailer was stuck out, and dad couldn’t get it to go back in. My dad and my cousin worked on it, my cousin took the motor out, and was checking to see if it was working, and it wasn’t. My dad had to hand-crank it in with a wrench, and it turned out that it came out about 3 inches when we were traveling. So on the way home, he used a ratchet binding to hold it in place. I’d like to thank Mark again for posting here on the blog!