My birthday dinner.

So I just got back from my birthday dinner with my family. They got me a 32 inch flat screen TV! My CRT TV is small, but it takes up lots of space. Now I can do away with that, and most likely I’ll have the TV hanging on the wall, because I’m not sure if it will stand on the BUREAU. It might, but if it’s as thin as I think it is, there won’t be a way for it to stand on something. But then again some flat screens have that, so I guess I’ll find out. I asked mom if she knew if it had good speakers, she didn’t know. Some flat screens, (like the one at my paren’ts house,) don’t have very good speakers. I’m hoping this one will be better quality, but if I need to get a couple extra speakers to plug in, well I guess I’ll have to add that to the list.

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