Skipping weekly links.

I did have a couple links for this week, but they aren’t really all that interesting. Hopefully I’ll find better ones next week! Otherwise, not much went on today. We aren’t doing anything to celebrate mom’s birhtday until Saturday or Sunday. I got her birthday gift last night.


So to explain what I have to do tomorrow, I first have to start with last week. Last Wednesday, just before I started watching this for like 6 hours, I got a call from the VA. It was a lady from volunteer services, which was weird because except for at the very beginning, they’ve never … [Read more…]

A question.

How long will it take us to learn how to use the new Facebook? Have you figured it out yet? Perhaps a better question would be, how long will it take us to learn to like the new facebook? Or at least me, I really don’t like the changes. First, they mess with the newsfeed, … [Read more…]

IComLeavWe Sept 2011

Today starts ICLW for this month, I actually remembered to add the widget this time! So that means I’m actually in the list. I’m defering weekly links until tomorrow, both because I almost forgot until just now, and because I needed to post this ICLW post. So yeah, I’m ready for ICLW to start, it … [Read more…]

Didn’t do much today.

I did go to church today though. I didn’t miss the wake-up call either, so I got up on time! I’ll be going grocery shopping tomorrow, with my friend and her boyfriend, (or whatever he is, since it’s on and off all the time.) Hopefully they won’t get into any fights.Otherwise, not much went on … [Read more…]


I almost forgot to post! I shut the computer down and everything. But then I remembered I needed to post, so started it back up again. I had my yearly housing inspection today. The inspector was only here for a few minutes, but she said everything looked fine. Lol, I forgot about that too, until … [Read more…]