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Skipping weekly links.

I did have a couple links for this week, but they aren’t really all that interesting. Hopefully I’ll find better ones next week! Otherwise, not much went on today. We aren’t doing anything to celebrate mom’s birhtday until Saturday or Sunday. I got her birthday gift last night.

My TB test results, and other stuff.

I went to the VA to have my TB test results read today. There was absolutely nothing there whatsoever, so the first result was negative. I’m 99% sure my 2nd one will be negative too. I’ll be posting weekly links tomorrow, like I did last week. Tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday! We usually go out to dinner to celebrate birthdays, but dad is still working out of town, so that will have to wait until this weekend. My friend’s x boyfriend was supposed to have a court date tomorrow. He’s being accused of drinking and driving, and eluding a police officer. I asked my friend if I could go with her, and she said yes. It’s going to be a jurry trial, I’ve always had an interest in such things, so I was very excited. She called me about an hour ago to tell me that it was canceled. She has no idea when it will happen.

Top 10 reasons why I’m glad Fall is here.

So top 10 Tuesday is another listing meme thingy I wanted to try, so here it goes.
Top 10 reasons why I’m glad Fall is here.

  1. I get to finally stop using the AC! OK I like my AC, but it’s really loud.
  2. I get to wear long pants again, don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand it when I can’t wear shorts in summer, but I like to wear long pants in fall.
  3. I get to start drinking hot tea again. I don’t drink tea in the summer because it’s way, wayy too hot for that, and I’m not an iced tea fan.
  4. The new TV season is finally here!
  5. I get to start eating soup again. Soup and summer just don’t mix, but it definitely works well in fall.
  6. I get to use my heater again, although not for at least a couple more weeks. What can I say, I live in a cement building.
  7. I get to make my Christmas list. I’ve already started making that list, it’s a very, very long process, (trust me!)
  8. I get to buy Haloween candy. Not for trick-or-treaters though, I never have any.
  9. I get to bake Christmas cookies. Although that will probably be closer to winter when that happens.
  10. I get to decorate the Christmas twee.

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I did it once, now I get to go do it all over again.

So I got back from having my TB test done about an hour ago. When we finally got to the right place, (because one lady sent us to another place,) she asked me when my last TB skin test was. I don’t ever remember having one, so of course I said “I’ve never had one before.” She then told me that since that was the case, I’d need to have a 2 step. This means that after I had the test today, and go have the results read on Wednesday, then I have to go back next week and have the exact same thing done again. I asked her why, and she said the CDC, (Center’s for disease control,) says that if someone hasn’t had the test done in the past 2 years, they have to have a 2 step. She said it’s because there are too many false negatives. OK, false positives I understand, but false negatives? Of course my first reaction when she told me I have to come back again was… “are you serious?” OK, it’s fine to have to schedule paratransit for one trip, (my friend is taking me for the reading on Wednesday,) but it’s quite complex when you’re dealing with making sure to schedule 2 other rides, and then making sure my regular trips to the VA are canceled. Not only that, I have the tests in one place, and the readings in another place. Seriously… sometimes I wonder what people are thinking! After the test was over, the paratransit driver called dispatch, and asked them to schedule my rides while I was sitting in the van. It took like 15 minutes on the phone for them to get it all straightened out, OK, a few minutes of that was him holding, but still… Oh yeah, and I’ve decided to keep the bandaid on until Wednesday morning, because the lady said the fluid could leak out… um… blech! I don’t think I want TB fluid leaking out of my arm.


So to explain what I have to do tomorrow, I first have to start with last week. Last Wednesday, just before I started watching this for like 6 hours, I got a call from the VA. It was a lady from volunteer services, which was weird because except for at the very beginning, they’ve never actually called me. She told me that I have to have a TB test, and that I’m not allowed to come back until I have it, then get the results. So this involves going to the VA tomorrow, (taking paratransit,) having some fluid injected into me, (who knows what that is,) then waiting 72 hours to go back to get the results, and deliver them to volunteer services. Apparently, if I have a reaction to the fluid, then I have TB. What’s weird is that noone told me I needed to do this when I first started, or I would have had it done then. Actually, I had no idea I was supposed to have one, until the lady called me on Wednesday. She also told me that I wasn’t being credited hours, (because I wasn’t signing in,) we did talk about that at the very, very beginning once, and that was it. She also tried to tell me that I don’t have an ID badge, which well… um… I do because it’s hanging on my door, and I was there when they gave it to me. So yeah, I get to go have my first ever TB test tomorrow.

Blogger comment sign in woes… again.

Actually I’ve been having them for the past couple months, when they really started showing up was when I was doing blogathon. Blogger won’t let me sign in to post comments, and when it does say I’m signed in, I get weird “you don’t have permission to view this page” errors after I press submit. I’m not sure what’s happening or why it’s happening, but it’s quite annoying! I’m thinking about installing intense debate or disqus, that way I don’t really have to mess with the blogger comments too much. I think intense debate handles replies, and disqus has threads, so returning comments is easier that way. I did get your comments and I’ve read all of them, so thanks for leaving them! I did have a mishap with the delete link last night though… um… oops, sorry about that! It was 11 at night, and I was ready to go to bed, but I stopped to check my email, which was probably a mistake right there.) I saw that I had a comment, and read it. Then I went to publish it and I saw the delete link, and I thought “oh, I better not click that.” But never-the-less, a second later, (literally, it was probably a second later,) my hand hit the keyboard and it was gone forever. I even tried to go back and see if blogger retained a coppy of it, (because it said “comment rejected,) instead of deleted. But nope, when I went to publish it, it said that it didn’t exist. Seriously, I have no idea what I was thinking, but then again I guess I wasn’t, oops!

A question.

How long will it take us to learn how to use the new Facebook? Have you figured it out yet? Perhaps a better question would be, how long will it take us to learn to like the new facebook? Or at least me, I really don’t like the changes. First, they mess with the newsfeed, putting only the things facebook thinks is most important, which makes for a lot of data sifting. It also makes you miss a lot of things that you probably don’t want to miss, and see others that well… maybe you don’t want to see. Then yesterday, at F8, (which is their anual conference for developers,) they announce this thing they call timeline. Basically, Facebook is getting a blogging feature, (not like it needs one.) I don’t particularly want to curate all my stuff on facebook. I already have a blog,and if I want to start another one, I can easily make one without using facebook for that. I would like to start one for links at some point, (by the way.) The way I interpreted the anouncement is that, most of the stuff will be automatically added to the timeline, so anything you post will be added, (I’m sure there’ll be some settings that say something like, “don’t add this kind of thing.”) But otherwise, it will put everything in. I’ve decided that I don’t really want to be a part of the timeline when it comes, so I intend to not use facebook for anything else but what it’s supposed to be for, to keep up with friends, (and what friends are doing.) They also announced that they would use Spotify, (the music service,) to allow you to share what you’re listening to, and find out what your friends are listening to. They’re doing the same thing with news, and TV shows, and it’s all part of the timeline. So yeah, I already don’t like the feed changes, I don’t think I’m going to like these other ones. I would quit facebook, but it’s hard when a lot of my extended family and friends from church, (or friends who live far away,) are on there. It isn’t like everyone’s using Google+ yet.
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Weekly links for 9/22.

Here are the links for this week.

  • 33Mail Disposable email addresses for each site you sign up for.
  • Show Me Non-Stop Type a keyword, and the site will show youtube videos based on it in an endless stream.
  • Switch audio formats, from one to another.

I had more links, but decided to save the rest for next week.

IComLeavWe Sept 2011

Today starts ICLW for this month, I actually remembered to add the widget this time! So that means I’m actually in the list. I’m defering weekly links until tomorrow, both because I almost forgot until just now, and because I needed to post this ICLW post. So yeah, I’m ready for ICLW to start, it has started, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I will before I go to bed tonight.

An interesting day.

So this morning at 8 in the morning, the paratransit driver rang the bell that someone would ring if they want to get in. I asked him if he thought he was a little bit early, because he wasn’t supposed to be here until 8:45. He said yes, but he had me on the schedule to go to the lab. I just had lab tests done at the beginning of this month, and since my prescription levels were a bit, (even though just the smallest amount too high,) I have to have them again in December. I haven’t talked to the paratransit dispatch office since the beginning of this month, when they forgot to set up my rides, and I forgot to schedule. I’m on the ongoing list, so they should normally set them up for me, (as they did the couple months before that.) So they called me, and we got that whole thing fixed. But now they were saying that I called and made an appointment that well… I didn’t call and make. The schedule had me going to the lab, then from the VA to home… but how was I supposed to get to the VA? The people at the dispatch office won’t admit they made a mistake, but that’s what happened. Then when I was done at the VA, and ready to come home, the paratransit driver said he’d be there in 10 or 15 minutes. But he was late, because when he took his wheelchair lift into the shop for maintenence, (which he said it didn’t need,) they broke it, and it wouldn’t go down on it’s own. So yeah, it was an interesting day today.