I had a doctor’s appointment today. The one I have every 6 months for some reason, because my doctor think’s it’s necessary. I called in my prescriptions this morning. When I was at the doctor, I asked if they would be ready. He said, “They should.” We went to Kmart, and only 2 were ready, not 3. Yeah, so much for “they should be ready.” The other one needs a prior authorization, and I have no idea when I’ll get it. I just got done talking to mom a little bit ago. Mom has a dog that was pregnant. She had the puppies today. Mom went home from work to be there while she was in labor. The first puppy was born dead. She called the vet, and they said if she didn’t have one in an hour and a half, to bring her in. So an hour and 15 minutes goes by, and mom calls the vet again. They said that they needed to see her. It turns out, she stopped labor for some reason, and so an emergency C section had to be performed. They got 4 puppies out of 5. It was $630, so mom isn’t really making any money. She paid $450 to breed the dog, and now $630 for the vet bill.

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