Posting with Firefox 6.

So this is my 1st time posting using Firefox 6. I installed it this morning, it seems to solve some of the problems with slow-loading pages, etc, but there are other things that don’t work. It did pass the Google reader test, but it was slower to do anything in reader than it was in IE 9. It took twice as long to get through one feed for some reason. Not sure why, and I haven’t done any really long feeds, (25 items is not long for me at all,) so I’m hoping it will work. There are certain things now that don’t work, like the facebook “share” link for instance. That’s a weird one, but for some reason, it doesn’t work unless I actually click on it. Other than that, things seem to be OK. Except for the Google reader subscribe bookmarklet that decided it would go all 404-like on me and not work… yeah, nice going! It isn’t just a Firefox thing though, I tried it in IE a couple weeks ago and had the same problem. I’ll be going to 1st service tomorrow, will need to be at church at like 7:15 tomorrow morning, as my friend is on worship team.

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