7 Quick takes for 9/30.

OK, here are 7 quick takes for this week.

  1. Today I read that a state department employee was fired for posting a link to wikileaks on his blog. The article he wrote is here. here is another link that references that article. I’ve linked to wikileaks documents here myself, that post is right here.
  2. I saw this on CNN a couple weeks ago. There was this swimmer who was attempting to swim from Cuba to Florida non-stop. It would have taken her 60 hours, I can’t imagine swimming and staying up for 60 hours at the same time. Even though I think staying up for24 hours is fun and all. She quit her most recent attempt a few days ago, because she was being stung by jellyfish. here is an article about the most recent attempt.
  3. I’ve been watching the Murray trial all this week. There has been some interesting testimony.
  4. I’ve decided to do blog 365 again next year. Why? Because it’s too much fun, and I’m weird!
  5. I need to take the IComLeavWe widget off the blog, that’s if I remember, I forgot last time.
  6. I’m also thinking about testing other comment systems besides the blogger one, I’m not sure which one I’ll start with though. I know one thing, I’m definitely not installing facebook comments.
  7. Sometime in the next few days, it will be a year to the day/date of my mom’s aneurisms, I don’t remember the exact date.

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