My trip to the VA and other stuff.

When I got to the VA today, they asked me if I wanted to go to the Flu clinic and check people in. I said that I’ve never done that before, but that I would do it. One person would ask the people questions, and I would hand them the forms that they were supposed to fill out, and give them instructions. I was there the entire time I was at the VA, 2 hours and 45 minutes; I left 15 minutes before paratransit came to go back to my department to wait for them. After the VA, I came home to wait for my friend, so we could go to the housing authority. The housing authority appointment went well, but the lady did tell me the value of the vouchers is being cut so my rent could increase a little bit. After that, we stopped and got lunch, because I didn’t really have time to eat between the times I got home, and when my friend got here. OK, I probably did have some time, but I don’t do all that well with eating in a hurry, it seems to take me twice as long when I’m supposed to be hurrying. Then we went to Rite Aid, and I got what I needed, then we came home.

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