A question and other stuff.

What is your favorite kind of chocolate? That’s a hard question to answer, because when it comes to chocolate, I like most things. I do like dark chocolate more than milk chocolate, but then again I’ll take both. Although, if I’m going into a chocolate shop, (like I did to sees last Friday,) I’ll usually order dark chocolate. I guess when it comes to chocolate, I’m not as much of an elitist as I used to be, when I was away for 3 years in the big city, although I still really like the expensive stuff!
Via that’s my answer
I just talked to mom a little bit ago, she said they found a suspicious package at the VA today. She thought I was there, but since it’s Wednesday, I wasn’t. I got my hair cut today, by my friend who cut it 4 months ago. She didn’t have time to do the length, but she’ll do that again either next week or Sunday morning, when she takes me to church for the first time in 3 weeks.

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