I go back to the VA tomorrow, it’s been like 2 weeks since I’ve actually done anything there. I also have my housing authority appointment tomorrow, which coincidentally happened on the exact same day last year! My friend is taking me, and after the appointment we’re going to RiteAid to get a few extra things, … [Read more…]

A question

Do you use Google+?I’m on Google+, and I use it to read, but I don’t share much there. This morning I saw a concept that displayed Google+ posts in a blog format, I thought that was kind of cool, and maybe I’ll link to it for weekly links.Via thats my answerI’m going to church tomorrow. … [Read more…]

The results are in!

As the lady said today, my TB test results were “very negative.” The first time I had these read, the other lady who does these tests said, “oh nothing” when she looked at my arm. I’ll be going back to the VA on Tuesday morning. I delivered the documents to volunteer services, and she thought … [Read more…]

Interesting day.

Today started out with the realization that I missed my housing authority appointment, because I had just gotten the letter like 10 minutes after I was supposed to be there. I had to call and reschedule the appointment, and the lady was OK with it. Then I was watching the Murray trial and they brought … [Read more…]

My TB test.

I went for my TB test today. I was glad it didn’t take very long, because I wanted to be back here by 1:30, and I got back by 1:10. The lady who gave me the test does need to learn how to give injections though. I used to take medicine through injections when I … [Read more…]


I didn’t really do much today, but we did go to dinner to celebrate mom’s birthday. I got to have fish for once, I don’t usually have fish that often. My parent’s were going to go on a hunting trip yesterday, but for some reason they decided not to go. Otherwise, not much went on … [Read more…]

Things and stuff.

I almost forgot to post! Something in my email reminded me to, and I’m glad it did. I would have shut the computer down, and never remembered. I won’t be going to church tomorrow. I couldn’t get a hold of my friend who I went on retreat with, (who usually takes me to church when … [Read more…]