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I actually didn’t do all that much today. I did watch the Murray trial all day, and the prosecution’s expert continued testifying. He’s an Anesthesiologist and a pharmacologist. His testimony is extremely fascinating to me! I wanted to be an Anesthesiologist at one time. He set up an IV system, with 2 infusion lines, one with the Anesthetic Propofol, and one with regular fluid. He demonstrated how the infusions were done with both lines, and described it every step of the way, as the prosecutor instructed. Yep, there was an IV infusion set up and demonstrated in court for the jurry, which was very fascinating stuff!

A question and other stuff.

What is your favorite kind of chocolate? That’s a hard question to answer, because when it comes to chocolate, I like most things. I do like dark chocolate more than milk chocolate, but then again I’ll take both. Although, if I’m going into a chocolate shop, (like I did to sees last Friday,) I’ll usually order dark chocolate. I guess when it comes to chocolate, I’m not as much of an elitist as I used to be, when I was away for 3 years in the big city, although I still really like the expensive stuff!
Via that’s my answer
I just talked to mom a little bit ago, she said they found a suspicious package at the VA today. She thought I was there, but since it’s Wednesday, I wasn’t. I got my hair cut today, by my friend who cut it 4 months ago. She didn’t have time to do the length, but she’ll do that again either next week or Sunday morning, when she takes me to church for the first time in 3 weeks.


I went to the VA today. It was the one time in the quarter when the weekly takes the longest, because we’re switching to a new quarter, (starting the new fiscal year.) I think the VA starts there’s a bit early, because usually it doesn’t end until 10/30. After that they had me do this craft project thingy for their haloween party, (they call it a “harvest” party.) After I was done with that, we called paratransit. I didn’t get home until like 11:30 today, but that’s earlier than 12:15, which was last week. After the VA, I waited a while, and ate lunch. Then my friend and her semi-x boyfriend and I went grocery shopping. They needed to get stuff too, so he followed us with a cart, which is actually a better way to do it so that he doesn’t concentrate on me the whole time.


I actually didn’t do much today, I had a headache all day. I’ll be going to the VA tomorrow morning though. I might be going grocery shopping either tomorrow or Thursday, I’m not sure yet. It depends on when my friend has time to go. After I click publish, I’m going to bed, I waited too long to write this post.

A question, and some other things.

Bottled or tap water? It’s from the tap, but I have water bottles so that it stays cold in my fridge. Via that’s my answer
I got up late this morning, at like 6:45, and I had to leave for church at 7:15. I was awake probably a half hour earlier, but I just didn’t get up for some reason. I watched my friend and the worship team practice, then we had service, and then my friend’s husband brought me home. She had to stay for the 2nd service, so he brought me home and went back to church.


The conference was OK yesterday, it was about GPS in the morning, and iPhone apps in the afternoon. I left at exactly 6:15 yesterday morning, and didn’t get home until about 6:30 last night. As I said yesterday, I did make a sees run. We used my friend’s GPS to find the way there, and we actually followed the directions and didn’t get lots! I’ll be going to church early tomorrow morning, I’m going with my friend who’s on worship team again this weekend. She was on team last weekend too, but her husband picked me up later.

Weekly links for 10/14

I actually only have 2 links this week.

  • Share what you make People share stuff they make.
  • karmurl Give feedback to receive feedback. This site has an interesting feature though, it’s mostly for websites. If you don’t want to submit anything to receive feedback on, it lets you basically play website roulette. It uses a frame, so it isn’t just like random “spin the web.”

I got back from the conference a little bit ago, my sees run was successfull!

All day tomorrow.

I’ll be gone all day tomorrow, to go to a teacher’s conference. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make a sees run on the way back, as I’ll be fairly close to a sees, (closer than I am on a regular basis, anyway.) We have to drive right through a somewhat big city to get to the conference, and that city happens to contain a mall with a sees near it, so I’m hoping we can stop. My former teacher from high school asked me to be on a panel at the conference, I told her that I probably wasn’t familiar enough with the subject to be on the panel. She said I could still go and sit in, so I said I would. We’re actually leaving at 6:15 tomorrow morning, and we probably won’t get home until around 7 tomorrow night. I’m still posting weekly links tomorrow, if I don’t manage to post them before I leave, then I’ll try to post them when I come back.

Not much happened today.

I did watch the trial all day today, there’s something about medical testimony that’s really fascinating! Speaking of testimonies, my friend asked me to go share mine again on 10/22, which is well… um… a Saturday! She works on Saturdays, but it’s just kind of strange that I’ll be running out of here at like 7:30 in the morning on Saturday. OK I’ve done that before for various reasons, (usually family/trip-related,) but never to go to the mission to speak… or be interviewed, or whatever will happen this time.

My trip to the VA and other stuff.

When I got to the VA today, they asked me if I wanted to go to the Flu clinic and check people in. I said that I’ve never done that before, but that I would do it. One person would ask the people questions, and I would hand them the forms that they were supposed to fill out, and give them instructions. I was there the entire time I was at the VA, 2 hours and 45 minutes; I left 15 minutes before paratransit came to go back to my department to wait for them. After the VA, I came home to wait for my friend, so we could go to the housing authority. The housing authority appointment went well, but the lady did tell me the value of the vouchers is being cut so my rent could increase a little bit. After that, we stopped and got lunch, because I didn’t really have time to eat between the times I got home, and when my friend got here. OK, I probably did have some time, but I don’t do all that well with eating in a hurry, it seems to take me twice as long when I’m supposed to be hurrying. Then we went to Rite Aid, and I got what I needed, then we came home.