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My sister’s having a girl!

I just got back from having dinner with my parent’s, my sister, and her boyfriend to celebrate the fact that the doctor says she’s definitely having a girl. She doesn’t have a name picked out yet, or if she does she definitely isn’t telling us. Her doctor’s appointment was today, and before this they weren’t exactly sure, but they thought it was going to be a girl. She said she couldn’t buy stuff for the baby until she knew what it is, and now she knows. They do have a crip already though. Otherwise, not much went on here today, my friend and I are putting up my tree and decorating tomorrow.

A question.

Do you do minimal or maximum holiday decorating? Or none at all? I usually use most of what I have. My friend and I are going to do the decorating sometime this week, I’m not sure when. I don’t have to go to the VA tomorrow, they’re doing some kind of inspections in my department, my supervisor told me not to come, and I didn’t ask any questions. Today is an interesting date, a year ago today is when wikileaks started releasing 250,000 US diplomatic cables. They slowly released them over time, until August, when the releases sped up. In September, they “opened the archives,” and released all the cables.

Weekly links for 11/27

I only have one link to post, and it’s just kind of an afterthought one. I found this yesterday, and I know I’m going to use it throughout the Christmas season. jango has a list of Christmas music streams. In the past, I’ve always tried to make my own playlists etc, but I think I’ll be using this. I did manage to go to church today. We don’t have paratransit that runs on Sundays here, so it isn’t always easy getting to church. My friend who was sick, and her husband, actually decided to go to church today.


I’m defering weekly links until tomorrow, to see if I can find another link or 2. I have one, but I’d like to at least see if I can find one more. I’m not really sure if I’m going to church tomorrow, because my friend who usually doesn’t go anymore said she doesn’t plan on going, my other friend is sick, and the lady she told me to call is gone, (as in out of town for the holiday.) My friend, (the one who’s sick,) did say she’d call me if she felt like she was going to go.


yesterday went well, I was at my parent’s from about 12:30, until about 8:30. Mom put the turkey in at about 1, and it got done at about 5:30. We thought it would only take 4 hours, not 4 and a half, but mom realized it was a 22 pound turkey instead of 20 pounds. It definitely took it’s time getting to 180, but it did get there. I called mom earlier, and she said they went shopping today. They didn’t get up early, they never usually do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

First, I just want to wish everyone reading, (who celebrates,) a happy Thanksgiving! next, I’d like to make a list of things I’m thankful for. I’m not sure how many I’ll come up with, but I’m aiming for 13. )As in Thursday 13.)

  1. I’m thankful for all God’s blessings. I thank God that I have a place to live and food to eat, as well as many, many other things.
  2. Family and friends.
  3. Church family.
  4. My church in general.
  5. The fact that I have a working internet connection.
  6. The internet in general, in it’s relatively, (but not completely,) uncensored form.
  7. Everything I’ve learned over the past year.
  8. Everything I’ve done over the past year, even my volunteer position at the VA, which at times can include a lot of waiting.
  9. That my sister is having a baby, and that I’m finally able to say that publically!
  10. The fact that I can pay my bills.
  11. The ability to worship,.
  12. That I’m able to give a little bit to others.
  13. Traditions.

When I called mom at about 10:20 this morning, she had already started cooking! I should be leaving to go over there in about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. One more thing, I looked up the lyrics of this song this morning, and I think it just might be appropriate for today.


I didn’t do much today. I did go to pizza with my parent’s and my grandma tonight. I’ll be going overthere. OK, that’s it for now, I’m really tired.

Various things.

I went to the VA this morning, and they told me I didn’t have to go in next week, because they’re doing some kind of inspections in my department. My grandma and her boyfriend are at my parent’s house for thanksgiving. I asked her when she was leaving in an email yesterday, and she said that she was leaving today. I’ve been waiting to say this next thing since Labor Day. That night, mom called and told me that my sister is pregnant, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone until 9/15. 9/15 has long since passed, but I called mom one day to ask if my sister was going to announce it on Facebook, and she said no she wasn’t. I was asked if I was going to, and I said no, I was asked if I tweeted about it, and until now, I hadn’t. I’ll be tweeting after I write this post. On Sunday, my uncle responded to my sister’s birthday post on Facebook with a comment. He said he hopes things are going well with her and the baby, and that they’ll be here in June. The baby is due at the end of April. Why it took an intermediary to finally say something on Facebook I’m not sure, I’m fairly sure of one thing though, most of my sister’s friends, her boyfriend’s family, and the people she works with already know. She’s about 4 months along now. I’m only writing about this now, because someone said something on Facebook. Ultimately when it comes to secrets, I believe that in all cases, transparency eventually must prevail. I’m not a fan of keeping secrets, and in fact I did disobey my mother’s instructions, but I made absolutely no promises when I was on the phone with her that night.


Today was grocery shopping day! I kind of wish we would have done it last week, when it wasn’t as crowded in the store, but for some reasons we just had to do it today. It would kind of be better if we could go shopping earlier in the month, instead of at the end, because it’s just a bit weird. We’re going to try going earlier next month, I think. I’ll be going to the VA tomorrow, otherwise not much went on here today.


I finally finished my Christmas list today! Mom was just complaining about how it was late yesterday, and she said “you’re usually done in September, what happened?” Uh… I’m never, (and I’ve never been,) done in September! I always start the list in September, and finish in November. For some reason the past couple years I’ve always finished earlier than usual, but I used to always finish after thanksgiving or there abouts. Mom said she doesn’t know what to get us this year, and I don’t know what to get her, so I guess we’re even. I’ve been trying to get mom to make a list for years, but it never usually happens, although it did happen once either last year or the year before, (I think it was the year before.)