Today I had to go to the bank, to deposit a check that dad gave me for mom’s kindle. I almost got twitter working with siri today, but it wouldn’t let me send back the final confirmation message for some reason. Everyone tells me I should just use the twitter app, instead of trying to … [Read more…]


This is my 700th post! I knew I was getting close, but didn’t realize I was that close until I looked just now. This morning I looked up how much data siri uses, it really depends on the use, but if you use it 15-20 times a day it’s probably about 30 MB per month. The … [Read more…]

Texting is fun!

I got my iPhone activated at verizon today! I learned how to text first, and that’s been probably the most fun thing I’ve done in a while. I’ve been asking/telling siri all day. I asked her “where are you?” She said, “it’s classified.” I just laughed outloud because I so didn’t expect that. I’ve been … [Read more…]


I got all my shopping done today! I went to lunch with mom, grandma, and my sister and went shopping afterwards. I had no idea we were going to lunch until mom called me and asked me if I was ready. Yeah, that’s how things work in my family, they plan stuff and don’t tell … [Read more…]


I was supposed to go to healing rooms today, but the guy who said he would remember to come get me well… didn’t. We actually had this same probem last week, but the lady that helps run the healing rooms called him, and told him that he was supposed to be there. This time, I … [Read more…]


I didn’t really do all that much today, as it’s Saturday, and I usually don’t do a whole lot on Saturdays. My friend decided to tell me at 11:30 this morning, (with no other advanced arrangement, that she isn’t going to church tomorrow.) I haven’t gotten a hold of my other friend yet, and well… … [Read more…]

Today was a busy one.

Not busy as in I went here, then I went there, but busy as in everything happened at once. First, the Stop Online Piracy act hearings started for another day this morning, but I woke up late and had too much email so I missed the morning session. Then, the military pretrial hearing for the … [Read more…]


I watched house committee hearings all day today. The hearings were on SOPA, the stop online piracy act. It’s the kind of hearing that people offer amendments to the bill, and they get voted up or down. The hearings weren’t over when I tunred them off at 6:00 tonight.


Do you shop off of lists that people make for you, or do you get them what you think they’d enjoy? I actually try to do both, I try to get a couple things from the list, but if I know they want something or I think they’d like something, then I’ll get it for … [Read more…]

Weekly links for 12/11

This week, I have several articles that I’ve found interesting, so I decided to post them. On The Anniversary Of Cutting Off WikiLeaks, PayPal Slaps Christmas Charity Project, from CATS 1, KIDS 0, from regretsy. This is the post by the administrator of the site that paypal decided to block, here’s the update post … [Read more…]