This is my 700th post! I knew I was getting close, but didn’t realize I was that close until I looked just now. This morning I looked up how much data siri uses, it really depends on the use, but if you use it 15-20 times a day it’s probably about 30 MB per month. The problem is that I probably used siri about 40 times yesterday, (if not more.) Some of it was just having fun, but mostly I was trying to set up different things and texting different people. I slowed down today because well… I don’t want to eat all the data in one day. Yeah yeah people tell me I’m supposed to have wi-fi, my router isn’t even plugged into anything because the cable doesn’t reach, and I need to get a new one. Then I have to plug the router in and reset it, because I don’t remember what the password is, or wait… I never knew in the first place because I didn’t set it up. I thought I remembered the person who set it up say that it was my home phone number, but it’s obviously not that, because I locked myself out trying to find the password so that I could put my iPod on the wi-fi.

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