Today I had to go to the bank, to deposit a check that dad gave me for mom’s kindle. I almost got twitter working with siri today, but it wouldn’t let me send back the final confirmation message for some reason. Everyone tells me I should just use the twitter app, instead of trying to do it with texting. I took steps toward transferring my domain today, I have a private registration account that I have to cancel before I transfer though, I’ve never logged into that account so finding the information for it is proving to be difficult. If they don’t have my email address on file I’m supposed to complete a form that entails, (get this…) scanning in and sending a copy of my photo ID. The problem is that I’m not sure which email they have on file, and it’s a separate company so GoDaddy obviously doesn’t want to help me with that. If I can’t transfer, I plan to let the domain expire and then either re-register it at a different registrar, or get a different domain. I’ll never use GoDaddy or Domains by proxy again in my life though, that’s for sure! There’s a reason why I was transferring today, as per this thread on reddit. I was able to go into GoDaddy’s domain manager, and unlock the domain though, so that worked without a problem. But I’m sure domains by proxy are going to ask me to send in a photo ID to update my email address. I wonder if that’s what people on twitter meant when they were saying that GoDaddy requires a photo ID to transfer domains. The weird thing is, they’ve never asked for a photo ID before, and so they don’t have one on file for me. Sending in a photo ID to update an email address well… it really doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!

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