I’m letting my domain expire.

Domains by proxy decided to make the transfer process too ridiculous. They wanted me to send in an email address update request form, that included taking a picture of my photo ID and sending it in along with the form. Basically, they told me to fill out the form, print it out, sign it, date it, take a picture of it along with my photo ID and email it into them. I decided that I didn’t want to put up with the whole mess, and that I’d just let the domain that I’ve had for 5 years, (since 2006,) expire. It will expire on 1/15/2012, and I plan to either re-register it the day it comes out of the expiration redemption phase, or just get a different domain. I intend to use Hover, as my domain registrar of choice. in the end, it wasn’t the GoDaddy interface or some other thing that stopped my transfer, it’s the fact that I don’t have all the information that I need and in order to get it I have to, (as I told the DBP support,) fill out a form that’s like trying to get a lone, buy a car, or verrify that I’ve recently become deceased, and all this just to update an email address. After 1/15 I’ll be using blogspot until the redemption period is over, and I can re-register the domain again.

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