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Last day, and other stuff.

I went to the VA this morning knowing that I probably wouldn’t go in next week, because well… it’s the week after Christmas, afterall. I didn’t realize that today would be my last day, in facct I had no idea. When I got in there, they told me that because the volunteer supervisor in my department is retiring, (her last day is on Friday,) that there would be a shortage of people there. I understand this, we’ve had volunteers in the past, but there aren’t any there right now that I’m aware of. I didn’t really ask questions or say anything, they gave me a sufficient reason. They said they’ve already contacted my commission counselor, and I’m a bit annoyed that she didn’t tell me before hand, but whatever. The paratransit guy rang my bell this morning, to tell me that I had a UPS delivery attempt notice. It said that they tried to deliver a package yesterday, but… well… I was here all day yesterday! I did fall asleep at one point, but the buzzer is actually really loud, and has definitely woke me up in the past. I called UPS today, because I wanted them to know I was actually here and waiting for the package. A little while after I called, they came. I was watching twit live earlier today, and on TNT, (tech news today,) they said that the hearings for the Stop Online Piracy Act, (SOPA,) had been postpoaned… again! First they were delayed until 2012, then they were going to happen Wednesday, now it’s well… we’re not sure when the hearings are going to happen.


I was supposed to go to healing rooms today, but the guy who said he would remember to come get me well… didn’t. We actually had this same probem last week, but the lady that helps run the healing rooms called him, and told him that he was supposed to be there. This time, I waited downstairs for 15 minutes before I called the lady to tell her that he didn’t show up. She said that next week, (that’s right, we’re meeting the day after Christmas,) she would come get me so that I don’t have to miss. She goes to the church an hour early though, to help set up, so I’ll have to be going an hour early.

Weekly links for 12/18.

Last week was a fairly busy week, so there are a lot of links I could post. I’ll start with the 2 wikileaks related things that happened last week.

I have 2 youtube videos to embed here, one is the megaupload video, and the other one is a SOPA song. This guy isn’t the greatest singer ever, but this does a good job of explaining the situation.
Apparently youtube has a problem with me trying to embed more than one video or something, because both of the embeds failed the first time, when I took the 2nd one out, the first one worked fine. here’s that megaupload video


I didn’t really do all that much today, as it’s Saturday, and I usually don’t do a whole lot on Saturdays. My friend decided to tell me at 11:30 this morning, (with no other advanced arrangement, that she isn’t going to church tomorrow.) I haven’t gotten a hold of my other friend yet, and well… as I said last time this happened we don’t have paratransit that runs on Sunday’s here. For some reason, I’m actually fairly tired, and I’ll be going to bed after publishing this post.

Today was a busy one.

Not busy as in I went here, then I went there, but busy as in everything happened at once. First, the Stop Online Piracy act hearings started for another day this morning, but I woke up late and had too much email so I missed the morning session. Then, the military pretrial hearing for the accused wikileaks source started today. On top of that, the wikileaks founder was granted an extradition appeal to the British supreme court. Oh yeah, and guess what? Today was the day mom and I were supposed to go Christmas shopping. We did go Christmas shopping, and I got everyone done but mom, (because I obviously can’t shop for her… with her.) When I came home, I tried to stream the SOPA hearings, because I thought they’d go 11 hours like they did yesterday. I streamed them all day yesterday, until like 6:00. My stream wasn’t working, and I wasn’t sure why. It turns out that the hearings, (called a mark-up,) has been delayed for the rest of the year because concerns of those of us who are in opposition are “legitimate” according to the judiciary committee chairman. When I came home the hearings were also over in the case of the accused leaker, but they’ll start again tomorrow. I guess the military likes to hold hearings on Saturdays, or something.


I watched house committee hearings all day today. The hearings were on SOPA, the stop online piracy act. It’s the kind of hearing that people offer amendments to the bill, and they get voted up or down. The hearings weren’t over when I tunred them off at 6:00 tonight.


Do you shop off of lists that people make for you, or do you get them what you think they’d enjoy? I actually try to do both, I try to get a couple things from the list, but if I know they want something or I think they’d like something, then I’ll get it for them. I do try to stick to the list as much as possible, because someone took the time to make a list, and the list is usually the best guideline.
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Mom and I are going shopping for my dad on Friday. I’ll need to go shopping with dad for mom, but I’m not sure when he’s going to go. My sister and I usually go shopping, but she can’t go until the 23rd because that’s when she gets paid.

A question.

What is the most unique gift you’ve ever given and/or received? I received a skydive for my birthday one year, mom and dad paid for it. Actually, they paid for it both times I went skydiving. As for the most unique gift I’ve ever given, I’m not really sure.
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I went to the VA today, and got done with the weekly project fairly fast. It seemed like the computer I work on was completely restored sometime in the last week. I had to reset all the JAWS settings, word wanted me to put in my name and innitials, and I couldn’t get outlook configured for the life of me. It reminded me why I don’t use outlook here, because reconfiguring it isn’t all that fun. After the VA, my friend and I went grocery shopping. It was the first time my friend and I had gone grocery shopping without anyone else there, it was actually kind of fun!

Today was interesting.

I went to healing rooms for the first time today. I actually got there late, because the guy who was supposed to come get me well… forgot to come! Instead of getting there at 10 when we were supposed to be there, we didn’t get there until almost 11:30. You have to be prayed in when you get there, and prayed out when you leave, so since we were late, they had to pray both of us in after we got there. While we were there, they basically told us everything they do when someone comes in although we pretty much knew that already. We call the people that come to get prayer, “prayer seekers.” We had one today, but I didn’t get to sit in. I think I probably will get to next week though. On the way home, the guy I was riding with said, “isn’t it funny that people who are praying for others are sick in some way.” I had to correct him, and tell him that I’m not exactly “sick.” Then he said, “what do you call it, an infirmity?” I basically told him that I don’t see blindness as positive or negative, but just a part of life. I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, but we’re going tomorrow instead. I’m kind of glad about that, because I was kind of tired after I got home for some reason.

Weekly links for 12/11

This week, I have several articles that I’ve found interesting, so I decided to post them.

Finally, there’s this which was written last year. It’s a bit hilarious!