Weekly links for 2/28.

Here are some links for this week. WikiLeaks publishes Stratfor e-mails. What’s in them? From csmonitor.com Stratfor leak: US ‘has secret indictment’ of Julian Assange, from The register DOJ refuses to confirm Assange indictment revealed by Stratfor leak, from rawstory.com here’s the email that talks about the indictment as released, as part of the Global … [Read more…]

Day 43 actually… 42.

I got an email this morning from GoDaddy that said they deleted my domain from my account. When I look it up in whois however, it says it’s owned by GoDaddy and that it expires on 1/15/2013. I don’t really understand why it says that, but it does. It’s possible that they sent the email … [Read more…]

The potluck.

I had fun at the potluck today. I called the lady who took me, and she said she’d be here in 5 minutes. I ended up running out forgetting everything I was supposed to bring, and I do mean everything! 5 minutes didn’t exactly mean 5 minutes either, she was here about 10 minutes later. … [Read more…]


Tomorrow, I have the potluck for healing rooms. It was supposed to be at 1, but they decided to change it to 12 for some reason. The brownyes are all ready for me to just grab them and leave tomorrow afternoon. The lady who’s taking me called me this afternoon, and asked me if she … [Read more…]


My wi-fi got fixed today! I now have my phone connected to the internet, and I set up my email. We were getting ready to have me install apps, but I forgot the password for my apple account, (or most likely,) I changed the password and I don’t remember what I changed it to.) I … [Read more…]

Weekly links for 2/21

Here are the links for this week. Privacy Score Assigns a score to websites based on how they handle tracking data. The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom , from online.wsj.com Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”, from carolinajournal.com OK, I don’t have kids, (although I’ll soon be an aunt,) so I’m probably in no … [Read more…]

A couple things.

Church was good today, a different person other than our pastor preached. I thought he did a good job. Ever since I went to that other church, I’ve really learned to like my church a lot more than I did. I’m not saying I’ve ever not liked my church, what I’m saying is that I’ve … [Read more…]

Last night.

I went to church last night, and had a whole lot of fun! The service was a different kind of service, something we’ve never done before that I know of. There were 2 worship teams, one from my church and one from another church. The first 2 hours, our worship team did the worship, the … [Read more…]

Thursday 2 question.

1) Do you have a recognized day in mind (like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, etc) that you think should be a Holiday (day off from work)? I think we have enough of those already with holidays like president’s day, but valentine’s day comes to mind, (although I don’t know why.)2) Do you have a … [Read more…]


My friend got a verdict in her daughter’s case yesterday. The guy was found guilty of manslaughter, and he’ll spend 10 years in prison. The case was a 16 year old cold case without a lot of evidence, so it’s good that he was found guilty of something. I actually didn’t see it until this … [Read more…]

A question.

Did you watch the Grammy’s? I watched some of them, but fell asleep about a half hour in. I didn’t stay up until they finished, because I needed to go to bed so I could get up in the morning.Via That’s my answerWe went to lunch today after healing rooms, I didn’t get home until … [Read more…]

Today and tomorrow.

I actually didn’t do much today, still trying to get over sort of trying to be sick. I think I’m almost there, and by tomorrow morning it should be done, (hopefully.) I was glad to see my friend Kim at church today, her daughter’s case is almost over, closing arguments are tomorrow. Of course after … [Read more…]

I feel better tonight.

My dad brought me some medicine today, I had night time stuff, but not daytime stuff, so he brought me some of those. I didn’t sleep that well last night, so I would have been perfectly OK with taking night stuff. I intend to take it tonight, so hopefully I sleep better. Other than that, … [Read more…]

I lost my internet today.

My connection was working early this morning, but then stopped working today around 11. Today was the day they were going to upgrade my speed, but they told me not to reset my modem until after 5. We ended up going grocery shopping today, and I called Century Link, apparently some information got changed that … [Read more…]