It’s 3:20 AM, and I’m performing a virus scan!

OK, first of all, I have no flippin idea why I’m up at 3:20 in the morning but I am! I ran out of the stuff I was taking for sleep a couple days ago and haven’t really had time to go get more yet, so I thought this might be a good time to wean myself off of it. Yeah… right! Well if your idea of fun is staying up for nearly 24 hours on a random Saturday night/Sunday morning for no particular reason, then go right ahead! I did sleep for about 3 hours, but now I’m all like hey, let’s get up and perform virus scans at 3:25 in the morning! As to why I’m performing a virus scan it’s kind of a long story, things were acting a bit out of sorts yesterday and I wanted to make absolutely sure it isn’t a virus, although I’m fairly sure it isn’t. Now the issue of whether to count this for blog 365 or not… which I think I’m going to because it’s technically Sunday morning so yeah.

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