Unconscious mutterings.

I decided to do some word association, because it seemed like the most fun thing to do on a Sunday.

  1. Quit ::Resign  
  2. Solace ::Closure was the first thing that came to my mind, also peace. 
  3. Suggest :: Feedback 
  4. Meteor :: Shower 
  5. Zombies ::Apocalypse, (lol!)
  6. Birds ::Trees, flight, singing
  7. Canceled :: Permanently Postpoaned
  8. Compatible :: Software, drivers. As in, if you run older drivers, they might not be compatible.
  9. Alarmed :: Scared
  10. Word game :: crossword

Via Unconscious mutterings
We had like 30 people baptised at our church today! I think that’s the most we’ve had since I’ve been going there! I was baptised 5 years ago on Easter Sunday, so that’s coming up.

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